Health Associates Medical Group is a pioneer of Alternative Medicine in Sacramento, California.  We are veterans of the local holistic community, using Integrative & Nutritional Medicine in Sacramento for more than 30 years.   We are committed to optimizing health, and preventing and treating disease through positive doctor patient relationships in a supportive and educational environment.


We cannot heal you, only you can do that.  We encourage your involvement in your health care and, in return, promise to listen to you to understand your needs. Together, after all information has been gathered, we look at the entire clinical picture and develop a personalized comprehensive health plan and treatment protocol.



 About us

Health Associates Medical Group is a nutrient oriented general medical practice in Sacramento founded in 1985.  Its functional and integrative medicine that blends both traditional and alternative medicine for a compete holistic approach. We listen deeply, observe, and communicate with you about your unique challenges.

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Speak with a practitioner

  We offer a unique and free service that we call our "Open Phone Line".  It is available Mon-Fri from 8-9AM, in which you can call and briefly speak with one of our practitioners to learn more about what we do or how we can help.

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