REVERSE HEART DISEASE NOW! - Just Bring a Plant-Based Salad Ingredient!

REVERSE HEAR DISEASE NOW! Ever wonder why heart disease plummeted in Norway (and other Allied countries) during World War II and then came back dramatically after WWII ended? I''ll give you an hint...It had to do with their sparse diet during WWII versus after it... The Nazis actually showed us how to reverse heart disease by accident... I have a slide that shows this clear as day!

It's time for my monthly "Chronic Disease Reversal" talk. The month is..... (See Flyer )

                                   "REVERSE HEART DISEASE NOW!"
Heart disease is mainly a food borne illness that need not exist. So if you would like to come for an hour  talk, Q & A and learning about resources at your fingertips to reverse yours or a loved ones heart disease please come.

I don't want to scare anyone away when I said plant-based potluck. You don't have to bring a "Plant-Based, No Oil Added" dish.... just bring one PLANT-BASED SALAD INGREDIENT and we'll throw it into the salad I am bringing! Anyone can do that!

Now if you want to bring a plant-based dish (no oil added) your are welcome to do so! Keep it Simple, Simple, Simple! :-))!

My presentation lasts an hour, but I will stay as long as people have questions. I did this same talk at LA BIOMED where I spend my Wednesdays at the Diagnostic and Wellness Center (Torrance, LA) and people stayed a half hour asking questions. It's my favorite part! So bring lots of them! A presentation's information means nothing if it isn't relevant and usable for those who come!

My goal for everyone coming is that "if you want to", you will now how to access information and support at your fingertips so you can REVERSE your heart disease!  The most important things is to feel support in a way of eating that will reverse your disease!

Just email me if you are coming. Look forward to your questions, sharing information and a bit of food. Friends outside the practice are very welcome to come.

(If you are in LA you can make a free consult with me at the Diagnostic and Wellness Center, Torrance, CA on "Wednesdays" at THIS LINK )

Hope to see some of you (and friends) Sacramento "Locals" this Friday, February 16, 2018 at Health Associates Medical Group at 6:00 p.m. 3301 Alta Arden Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95819

Be and Stay Well,

P.S. Those of you with heart disease of any kind go to THIS LINK   and click on the "Heart Disease" tab and you will have many "heart disease reversing" resources at your finger tips!

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Reverse Diabetes Today! "Food Is the Medicine" Program to Reverse Chronic Diseases

For those of you who couldn't come to my talk and plant-based potluck I will bring it to you! (Well the information, not the food!)  You can reverse type 2 diabetes if you want to and reduce insulin need and side effects in type 1 diabetes.

Flyer for Chronic Disease Reversal Series
Diabetes Reversal "Quick Start" Handout
Reverse Diabetes Today! (slide presentation with audio recording of talk)

Maybe I'll see you for my next talk and potluck "live" on February 16th for "Reverse Heart Disease Now!" 

Just bring some plant-food to "throw" into the salad! You don’t have to bring a plant-based dish!

Be and Stay Well,


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The Keys To Diagnosing, Treating and Living Vibrantly with Prostate Cancer

An Interview with Medical Oncologist Mark Scholz, MD from Prostate Oncology Specialist By Kirk Hamilton PA-C. (***KIRK'S NOTE: I have interviewed Dr. Mark Scholz, Medical Director of Prostate Oncology Specialists, since 2009 about his medical group's work in treating prostate cancer with the most up-to-date medical therapies with an emphasis on preserving quality of life and the patient's physical constitution. I refer all my prostate cancer patients to Prostate Oncology Specialists for treatment, or at least a second opinion. I have never had anyone come back and not thank me and say it wasn't worth it. Also, I have never had any patient have to get prostate cancer surgery. Between the most up-to-date medical therapies AND  diet and lifestyle change the vast majority of prostate cancers are cured or treated as a chronic disease. Listen to this podcast (below) I recently did with Dr. Scholz on his new book "The Key to Prostate Cancer" where he has 30 experts contribute to this self-help guide for prostate cancer patients and their families.

Kirk's Video Summary of Interview (9:58 min)

Listen to Kirk's Podcast/Interview with Mark Scholz, MD (38:23 min) - What Are The Keys to Successful Prostate Cancer Detection, Prevention and Treatment?

The purpose of Dr. Scholz's second book was to help patients take the diagnostic information available to them through biopsies, scans and other testing and identify the stage of their cancers so the patient, in a more focused and simplified manner, could better decide on the appropriate therapies and risks for their particular type and stage of prostate cancer.

In most prostate cancers cases the patient can take up to several months, even 6-12 months to evaluate their current cancer situation before therapy should be initiated without any difference in outcome.

Instead of the traditional stages of prostate cancer being identified as Low, Medium or High Risk, or Relapsing or Metastatic Disease Dr. Scholz uses different shades of "Blue" for prostate cancer (in contrast to pink being for breast cancer). These five "Blue" stages are called Sky, Teal,  Azure, Indigo and Royal. This system is labeled by the acronym STAIR.

The patient can read about their specific stage, or what "Shade of Blue" they fall into, reasonable therapies and tests for each stage ("shade"), and the expertise from 30 prostate cancer specialists who contribute to this book. Dr. Scholz makes clarifying commentaries on many of these chapters to simplify the essence for the reader to make it more user friendly and applicable. The end goal is helping the patient be more in control of their disease with informed and focused decision making.

Unlike other cancers, prostate cancer is generally a slow growing disease, and  if treated early by either appropriate and specific treatment or "non-treatment" (active surveillance), should result in few men dying from prostate cancer. Men with prostate cancer as a whole are at a greater risk of dying from vascular diseases (heart attacks, stroke, hypertension, etc.), diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, other types of cancers (colon, lung, etc.) and other chronic diseases.

Prostate Cancer Incidence

It is difficult to determine if prostate cancer is really increasing since there is better detection techniques like color Doppler ultrasound and prostate MRI, and, the male population is growing older so more prostate cancers are being detected in this ever-growing group of adults. There was a slowing of the incidence of prostate cancer because of negative publicity of the PSA's value in diagnosing the disease, thus resulting in less routine screening for PSA levels several years ago. That said, the survival of prostate cancer patients is better and the therapies to treat prostate cancer are getting much better leading to longer survival, less side effects and better quality of life.

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) Levels

PSA levels are a valuable test and should start being assessed in high risk patients in their 40s and in the 50s for the average male. A high PSA level doesn't necessarily mean prostate cancer. A large prostate volume in a non-cancerous prostate will lead  to a higher "normal" PSA level. For example and 80cc prostate volume should  result in an approximate PSA of 8. That is normal for that person with that prostate volume and is non-cancerous even though the upper range of normal for PSA levels is 4. Prostate volume can be determined by a skillfully administered color Doppler ultrasound (which Prostate Oncology Specialists doctors are expert in) or prostate MRI. Therefore this person with a PSA level outside the high normal range of 4 has a normal, non-cancerous prostate. Prostate volume will go up with age as will the PSA level.

PSA levels that rise quickly (1-2 points) over 6 months to a year should be investigated  by either of these techniques, or by a skilled and experienced prostate examiner doing a digital rectal exam (DRE).

PSA levels are extremely valuable in following cancer treatment because they are the only way to really know if the cancer is gone or coming back.

How Prostate Biopsies Should Be Done!

Dr. Scholz does not believe that prostate biopsies spread prostate cancer because  millions of biopsies have been done and there does not appear to be a correlated increase in prostate cancer incidence. That said, PSA levels are relied on too much for  diagnosis of prostate cancer, and with the advent of the prostate MRI, one should never have done a "non-guided" or "shot-gun" biospy of prostate. Biospies should always be "guided" either by a skilled physician using color Doppler ultrasound (like the physicians at Prostate Oncology Specialists) or with the prostate MRI. IN ADDITION, if your physician is using a prostate MRI to guide the biopsy you should ask the radiologist, or whoever is conducting the biopsy, how many samples they are going to take from the prostate. They should know from the MRI or color Doppler results where they are going to take the biopsy and there should only be 1 or 2 samples, maybe up to 4 samples, but never 12 samples as the standard has been in the past. If "they" say 12 samples are needed you should find another  radiologist/physician to do the biopsy in a guided way with only 2-4 samples taken at most.

Unnecessary Prostate Cancer Surgery - Get A Second Opinion First!

In Dr. Scholz's view there is almost never a need to do a prostatectomy. Even though there are well marketed robotic surgery programs, this is a therapy whose time has passed, as well as all the side effects that have and can occur. I always plead with my patients, their friends and my friends, before you ever consider prostate cancer surgery go visit Prostate Oncology Specialists for a second opinion first and....FAST (!

"Watchful Waiting" or "Active Surveillance"

Almost 50% of prostate cancer patients may receive "active surveillance". This is a well established medical treatment for prostate cancer. You would be "watched" by periodic, or at least yearly PSA levels, and probably some monitoring with either a  prostate MRI and color Doppler ultrasound of the prostate.

Lifestyle, Hormones and Prostate Cancer Patients

Prostate cancer is a unique cancer that should be diagnosed and treated according to  the stage you are in, but are something that most men will live out the rest of their lives with and die of other causes such as heart disease, stroke or other vascular disease, other cancers, Alzheimer's, diabetes or some other chronic diseases.

Eating to keep from being overweight and more whole food plant-based if you can do it  (see Dean Ornish, MD, prostate cancer and diet studies) would reduce prostate cancer risk and is a treatment for low level prostate cancer. Dr. Scholz strongly feels exercise, especially weight or resistance training 3 x  eek during cancer therapy, especially with androgen suppression therapy, is strongly recommended and highly beneficial and helps the individual maintain their muscle mass and helps improve their low energy.

After successful prostate cancer treatment testosterone replacement therapy can be recommended and is not contraindicated. It will not cause the prostate cancer to "regrow".

Finding a Physician to Treat Prostate Cancer

Ideally you would find a medical oncologist (cancer doctors) who specializes in prostate  cancer treatment such as Prostate Oncology Specialists. Urologist are surgeons generally and still treat most prostate cancer. You want to find someone who is  experienced in treating prostate cancer; who doesn't recommend "unguided biopsies"  as a means of diagnosis; who does not recommend a surgical approach as their primary therapy (or at all); is  open and supportive of active surveillance; who is open to hormone replacement therapy after treatment if indicated; and who talks about lifestyle (diet and exercise) and reducing the risk to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, bone loss, and other chronic conditions as a very important component of the total care of the prostate cancer patient.

Contact Prostate Oncology Specialists

You can go to and self refer yourself. People come from all over  the country to be treated by this group. Their office is 20-30 minutes of north of Los Angeles International Airport.

Past Interviews with Dr. Scholz on Prostate Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Preventing and Curing Prostate Cancer (and Avoiding Unnecessary Biopsies and Prostatectomies) and Enhancing Quality of Life – An Interview with Mark Scholz, MD

Prostate Oncology Specialists, 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 101 Marina del Rey, CA 90292, (310) 827-7707, (310) 574-4002 (FAX)

You can order the book, "The Key to Prostate Cancer" from and soon it  will be available on Amazon.

Be and Stay Well,


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Plant-Based Potlucks Can Teach You To Reverse Chronic Diseases!

I believe plant-based potlucks are a cost-effective solution to our health care crisis.

We know that whole food plant-based diets can reverse heart disease, diabetes and obesity and 90-95% of the diets of the "Blue Zone" cultures are plant-based. We know the importance of eating lots of whole plant foods in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease. And we know people do things when they learn in a non-threatening way that is supportive and instills confidence.

So if people follow some simple rules and bring in whole plant-based foods they will be teachers and students and really the "doctors" of the best medicine which is using whole food to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

Join me and let's have some "productive" fun in Sacramento starting January 19 and monthly through May, 2018.

Watch my introductory You Tube Video "Food As Medicine - Plant-Based Potlucks Reverse Chronic Disease" explaining why I want to do this series and potlucks.

See "Flyer" for the event:

Watch This Awesome Video about the use of whole plant food in the hospital to treat diabetes, heart disease and critically ill patients by cardiologist Baxter Montgomery, MD.

Call or email me if you are coming. Space will be limited so let me know soon. If you have a loved one with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's disease or getting old they/you should come!

Let's have some fun! Bring a plant-based dish with no oil used and learn, teach and enjoy!

Kirk's email -

Call Kirk - (916) 489-4400 8-9 a.m. M-T-Th-Fr PST Be and Stay Well,

Be and Stay Well,


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Whole Soy Foods Reduce Hot Flashes!

Most integrative physicians (generalization) will give you a negative view on soy. It is very popular to "bash" soy foods and lump all soy foods into the GMO category.  But Asian societies have eaten whole soy foods for 1000s of years and have been healthy. Here (video), whole soy foods reduce hot flashes and are cardioprotective. If you want to avoid GMO soy foods it's easy. Walk across the street and buy organic, non-GMO tofu AND DON'T eat factory farmed animal foods which are fed GMO soy and corn, or, just stop eating animal food all together.

I have read/listened to Dr.  Steven Gundry's "The Plant Paradox" where lectin containing foods, especially soy  and other beans are restricted or omitted from his diet plan. What is interesting is how he frequently talks about the excellent health and longevity of Blue Zone societies and protective foods they eat, including the Okinawans, but he never mentions that the Okinawan elders probably ate/eat more soy foods than any other area of the world, and, that one of the most consistent food groups eaten in all five of the long-living Blue Zone societies are beans. I enjoyed Dr. Grundy's book, who is a very well credentialed cardiovascular surgeon, but some these facts he chooses to exclude or not mention in his interesting book.

I think some people can react to beans but these long living cultures have thrived on them for hundreds if not thousands of years. If you cook your own beans make sure you soak them overnight, rinse them, then cook them and that usually destroys the lectins and solves most of the adverse reactions.   Watch Video "Soy Phytoestrogens for Menopause Hot Flashes" Here 

P.S. Whole soy foods are also good for men's prostates....


Be and Stay Well,


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Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with A Whole Food Plant Based Diet

It's "manly" to eat whole food plant based diets (WFPBD)....well if you want to keep your prostate healthy! (or just keep it!) A WFPBD may not just prevent prostate cancer but reverse it! Men should almost never have a prostatectomy for prostate cancer. See my friends at Prostate Oncology Specialists in Marina Del Rey if you have prostate cancer for the best treatment, while protecting your anatomy and function at the same time. I mean it! I send all my patients there! But watch these two videos on plant based diets preventing, slowing and even reversing prostate cancer. You want to keep your prostate stop eating so much meat and dairy products and processed carbs rich in added omega-6 oils in them. The studies in these videos are so straight forward to me it's almost mal practice not to at least give this  information to all men with prostate cancer... Hell all men getting their annual physicals. 

Video 1 - Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with Diet: Part 1

Video 2 - Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with Diet: Part 2

Prostate Oncology Specialists  

PS -  I see no reason not to recommend this same diet (WFPBD) for other hormone dependent cancers (ovarian and breast)!

Be and Stay Well,


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Keeping It Simple...Preventing and Reversing Diabetes By Diet

Keeping it simple... great resources below in Spanish and English on how to use a plant-based diet to prevent, halt or reverse diabetes. Carbs aren't the enemy. The problems are the meats, fats, added sugars and processed, fiber-less grain (carb) products. Just eat whole foods, mostly plants....And a little "liquid" Holiday Cheer!

Simple and powerful. Merry Xmas!

Diabetes Diet Reversal in English   Diabetes Diet Reversal In Spanish 

Kirk's Reversing Diabetes Resource page

Be and Stay Well,


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Low Carbohydrate Diets: Understanding the Grim Long-Term Effects

The most important diet rule is simple, to eat whole intact carbs. Don't take the fiber
away from them and don't add sugar, oil and salt (SOS) to your carb. Just eat it in its
whole state.

All the Blue Zone societies, whole live the longest without chronic diseases, eat carbohydrate-rich diets...beans, whole grains, fruit...and small amounts of animal foods and usually  lots of vegetables.

Low carb diets can bring initial results because they get you off "bad carbs" loaded with
sugar, oil and salt, but are not long-term answers to chronic illness. Read this excellent
overview by the Mastering Diabetes team
on the dangers of low carb diets and the
benefits of a low fat (15% or less), whole food, carbohydrate rich diet in reversing insulin resistance and diabetes quickly. It is a simple fast read with medical references at the end if you care to do more research...

Get the processed carbs (and foods) out and don't be afraid of eating whole carbohydrate rich diets, but they must me in the context of a low fat diet (just don't eat processed foods, eat less than a palm full of animal products per day or none, and keep free oils to a minimum or try not to use them. Get your fats in the whole food). For more help on reversing diabetes go to my Diabetes Reversal Resource page HERE and  READ THIS SHORT ARTICLE.

Be and Stay Well,


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Why Nuts Are A "Longevity" Food!? But Not Too Many and Keep Them Mostly Raw!

Nuts are a longevity food.jpg

Nuts are a longevity food. But eat them as if you found them in nature. Small amounts, unsalted or non-roasted, not more than a palm full per day (unless you are young or very athletic)! ........ I tell this story to all my patients. When I was little, a teen and younger, I would run in from playing "till I dropped" and would be starving! My mother and dad would have a pre-dinner drink in the living room. On the living room table was a wooden bowl of nuts with the shells intact and a big hand nut cracker. I would be starving, try and crack a few nuts to eat. The shells would go flying in pieces and I would be left with a small hand full of nut meal with some shells in my hand to "crunch" on. I would be disgusted because I was so hungry and got so little nuts to eat.... "contaminated" with small shell pieces no less!.... Fast forward 50 +++ years. My grand daughter can "roll" into a store (Trader Joe's, Co-op, Whole Foods, etc.) and get a big, beautiful bag of shelled nuts (which I couldn't crack in a day!) and if you want they can be salted and roasted. This is not a "natural" way to consume nuts like in nature. We would be consuming much less than cups full of raw, roasted and/or salted nuts. Try putting some salt on some dry roasted pistachios and eat just a handful?  Impossible!

Nuts are very calorie dense so in excess are not good for weight loss. A hand full of two is good for weight loss programs. Keep it to a hand full or two or raw nuts daily, and keep nuts being known as a longevity food! (READ: "Why Nuts Are A Nutritional Power House) .

Be and Stay Well,


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The Role of a "Healthy" Ketogenic Diet in Treating Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Decline - An Interview with Andrea Glaser, RD, LD

a dietary approach to improve cognitive decline.jpg

Kirk's video overview of his interview with Andrea Glaser, RD, LD (13:20 min)
Andrea Glaser is a licensed registered dietician at Resilient Health in Austin, Texas, working in partnership with supervising physician Sharon Hausman-Cohen, MD, on a dietary approach to improve cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease patients, with collaboration from Dale Bredesen, MD, neurologist, creator of the Bredesen Protocol™, and author of the newly released best selling book "The End of Alzheimer's Disease".

This therapeutic dietary approach creates a mild ketosis which is beneficial to cognitive function and brain repair, and maintains a significant reduction in insulin secretion and need, as well as reduced blood sugar levels. This diet differs from many popular ketogenic diets in that it strives to keep cardiovascular risk low, or in check, by keeping animal fats low (saturated fat) while increasing unprocessed plant-based fats and foods to assist in creating the ketosis.

The diet is a whole food diet with an emphasis on reducing saturated fat, especially in ApoE4 genotypes; a liberalization of "healthy" vegetable fats, and fats from nuts and fish; a reduction or elimination of complexed healthy carbohydrates (legumes, sweat potatoes, squash, except whole soy foods like edamame and tofu which can be consumed liberally if non-sensitive);  elimination of all grains and processed/refined carbohydrates and free sugars; a HIGH intake of non-starchy vegetables, especially GREENS; black coffee and tea are encouraged (without sweeteners) all in an effort to maintain a mild ketosis measured as a beta-hydroxybutyrate level between .5-2.0 mM, while also maintaining fasting insulin levels below 4.5, keeping fasting blood sugars between 70-90, and a hemoglobin A1c < 5.6.

Ms. Glaser councils patients in Austin, Texas, or, by phone across the country with a steady diet transition involving 10 steps which can occur over weeks to months depending on the patient and support people's motivation and understanding.

These 10 Steps Include:

1. Elimination of all grains and processed carbohydrates
2. Transitioning Breakfast
3. Transitioning Lunch
4. Transitioning Dinner
5. Fast for 12 hours daily (at least) from the end of the evening meal to the start of breakfast the next day
6. Stop snacking between meals
7. Minimize saturated fat intake as much as possible
8. Chose their diet wisely when eating out
9. Measure urine ketone levels (sometimes this step is skipped)
10. Measure blood ketone levels using the Precision Xtra Meter (measures ketones and blood sugar, by Abbott) keeping a morning betahydroxybutyrate level between .5-2.00 mM while fasting after exercise.

Diet Coaching for Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer's Disease

Andrea Glaser, RD, LD, Resilient Health, 3410 Far West Blvd., Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731 -, (512) 717-9775. Call the office to make an appointment with Ms. Glasser.

Sharon Hausman-Cohen, M.D. Board Certified Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine, Resilient Health Austin, 3410 Far West Blvd Suite 100 Austin, TX 78731 512.717.9775/ 512-599-5034 (FAX)


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Be and Stay Well,


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