Our health professionals are some of the best trained medical practitioners available.  This is because they are not only trained in conventional diagnosis and drug therapies just like your average family practice MD, but they are also trained in Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine & Detoxification providing you with an Holistic Integrative Medical approach.


Dr. Michael Kwiker

Dr. Michael Kwiker, D.O.

Dr. Kwiker is the founder and President of Health Associates Medical Group.  Born in Michigan with a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Michigan, Dr. Michael Kwiker graduated with a Doctor of Osteopathy in 1970 from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery.

After his Internship and one year service in the U.S. Navy at the U.S.P.H.S. Hospital in Statin Island and a following year at U.S.P.H.S. outpatient facility in San Pedro, Dr. Kwiker moved on to practice Emergency Room medicine at Union Memorial General Hospital in Union New Jersey for two years.  He soon became Director of Emergency Services at Lebanon Community Hospital in Lebanon, Oregon and continued this position for another two years.

Dr. Kwiker relocated to Sacramento where he became a staff physician at Sacramento Preventative Medicine Clinic in 1976 and continued in this position until he founded Health Associated Medical Group in 1985.

After finding “Nutrient Oriented Medicine” in 1976, Dr. Kwiker began to immerse himself in homeopathy around 1981.  In 1996, he was led to the work of Peter D’ Adamo and eating according to your blood type.  Since he had three children from two marriages, one and “O”, one an “A”, and the third a “B”, he had his own study group.  Things worked out perfectly and he has been learning more about it and applying it to his patient population.

“The low risk/high benefit nature of nutrient oriented medicine and the subsequent use of supplements and homeopathy have significantly reduced the need for pharmaceutical intervention.  This, combined with the 30+ years of experience has made the practice of medicine all the more gratifying.”

Dr. Will Mora

Dr. Will mora, m.d.

Dr. Mora is board-certified in Family Medicine (ABFM). He has a special interest in regenerative medicine and non-surgical treatment of joint problems.  He is a member of the American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy & Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Mora integrates conventional and alternative therapies, treating illness by looking at the Whole person, and not just the disease. He looks for underlying causes of illness such as allergies, infections, intestinal imbalances, sub-optimal hormone levels, sleep problems, dietary factors, toxins, and stress.

Will Mora studied biology at U.C., San Diego. He was a Peace Corp volunteer in South America. He received his M.D. degree at U.C., Davis. He completed his Family Medicine residency at a U.C., San Francisco program. He worked for one year with Mozambican refugees at a hospital in Africa. He regularly volunteers with the Hackett-Hemwall-Patterson Foundation in Honduras & Mexico on a prolotherapy team.

To learn more about Dr. Mora, please visit his websites: www.purePRPdoctor.com  &   www.drwillmora.com

Kirk with grandson Drury Kirkham Childers...

Kirk with grandson Drury Kirkham Childers...

Kirk in his exam room surrounded by family pictures and always wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt.

Kirk in his exam room surrounded by family pictures and always wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt.

Kirk with his daughter Mya Childers and grandchildren Drury ad Ava Jane...

Kirk with his daughter Mya Childers and grandchildren Drury ad Ava Jane...

kirk hamilton pa-c


As a certified physician's assistant, author, health educator specializing in nutrition, prevention, integrative and lifestyle medicine, Kirk Hamilton maintains that if there's one cure all for chronic disease it's what you eat. With his emphasis on consuming more low allergy, unprocessed, micronutrient dense plant-food along with simple cross-training and mind/body principles, Kirk has been instrumental in guiding his patients and clients toward the path of optimal health since 1983. He has also been a valued educator to health professionals. As the founder of Clinical Pearls Publications, Kirk provided thousands of summaries of nutrition research and medical interviews to practicing physicians and researchers around the globe until he sold the company to Tishcon Corp. in 2004. Kirk continues to conduct online medical-nutrition interviews and to-date has completed more than 1200 Expert Interviews over 20 years and has extracted his Expert Pearls (potential treatments) from them.

In 2009 Kirk began hosting his own podcast show titled Staying Healthy Today (iTunes) which he is currently doing weekly (past shows) interviewing top experts in the fields of nutrition and preventive medicine. Drawing on his 33 year career, in August 2011 Kirk self-published the book titled "Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane - 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health." His book serves as a guide for individuals, professionals and policy makers on how to create a new health paradigm that is focused on staying well and prevention as the only real and lasting healthcare reform. Here is what experts say about his book.

He also actively teaches and you can take his FREE online course: "Kirk's 21 Day Healthy Living Program for Busy People,"and, you can also learn from his two YouTube shows, The Sloppy Vegan Cooking Show and the Stay Healthy Today Show. Kirk also provides his"Healthy Living Tips" which he emails weekly of bite size nutrition and wellness research, as well as announcing his most recent podcasts and YouTube Shows. He also provides monthly "One Liners of Nutrition Research" at no charge.  

When he's not teaching, writing, seeing patients or hosting his own show(s) Kirk is an avid dancer with his specialty being salsa and related Latin dances as well as lindy hop (swing). You might also catch a quick glimpse of Kirk in the gym daily doing his circuit training and stair climber, or out on a tennis court in the sun doing his "12 minute Sloppy Yoga".  He also loves to cook,  body surf and recently got very excited about free diving. Kirk lives in Sacramento, California. He is the father of one daughter and a grandfather to two beautiful tots Ava Jane (8) and Drury (5 1/2). Kirk's passion for medicine and caring for others has been passed on to another generation as his daughter Mya is a practicing nurse in San Francisco.

For more information about Kirk please visit please visit: StayingHealthyToday.com

Wendy Pomerantz, PA-c

wendy pomerantz pa-c, LAC

Wendy Pomerantz is a certified physician assistant and licensed acupuncturist with over 38 years of experience. Her specialties include biological identical hormone replacement and biological identical hormone & pellet therapy.  Wendy has successfully treated many chronic conditions such as acute & chronic pain, hormonal problems, hormone imbalance and fatigue by integrating Chinese oriental & western medicines, micro current and nutritional & herbal medicine.  Wendy Pomerantz has been in practice since 1978.

Taras Lumiere Lac

taras lumiere dc, lac

Taras Lumiere’s training began with a long interest in psychology at Boston University ending with a master’s degree in counselling from Antioch New England. After his own bout of back pain, he shifted his interest in healing and became a doctor of chiropractic (through Southern California University of Health Sciences) and an acupuncturist (through SAMRA University). He uses low-force chiropractic care, ultrasound, frequency specific microcurrent therapy, and inversion traction for pain. His patients receive overall structural integration that includes the correction of the jaw, cranium, rib cage, and pelvis. His patients can be custom fitted for orthotics (foot and arch supports) to stabilize the spine, knee, and hips.

With many of his treatments, Taras uses advanced kinesiology, a form of muscle response testing that is simple and painless. He listens to the person and trusts that the body knows and shows the priorities. He believes we can always move towards greater harmony with our environment and with ourselves. Allergens, nutrients, foods, and medications can easily be balanced to the body to help alleviate symptoms. His current studies include assessing the human biofield and mind-body medicine to assist with both acute and chronic conditions. He loves his family, the ocean, singing and playing music for others.

For more information about Dr. Lumiere, please see : www.taraslumiere.com

Ray headshot E.jpg

Ray Ballestero, Infusionist, Certified Chelation Therapist

Ray Ballestero, helped to establish the IV Department at Health Associates Medical Group and is an integral part of the team since 1990. Working as the primary Infusionist for Health Associates for over 25 years and attending numerous IV Therapy, Chelation & Nutrition courses from the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, he has become the local expert in Nutritional IV Therapy and has personally treated over 100,000 patients. 

Ray spent 4 years in the Air Force as a Critical Care Specialist working primarily in ICU, Telemetry and Emergency Room.  After an Honorable discharge, Ray continued his work in Critical Care in local Sacramento hospitals before meeting Dr. Michael Kwiker and joining his team.

Ray now works just two days a week at Health Associated Medical Group as he and his wife run their own businesses, One World Fair Trade, supporting marginalized artisans in the world.  Ray feels that both worlds of employment are very rewarding in their own unique way. Both share similarities as they both are careers in service, helping others to help themselves.  
Click here to learn more about One World Fair Trade.

Rose Snow headshot.jpg

Rose snow, lvn

Rose joined Health Associates in June 2017 and has proven to be an wonderful asset to the team. Her genuine compassion towards patients and competency with a needle has made her an ideal I.V, team member. Rose has become the face of the IV Department as you can find her here daily.

Rose graduated the Charles A. Jones Career & Education Center as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 2016 and completed the Vocational Nurse IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Certification Course through Curram College. Prior to becoming an LVN, Rose worked herself through school employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant at both a local Skilled Nursing Facility and for the Elk Grove Unified School District.