"I have struggled over the past year and a half with an illness that at one time I thought would take my life. I had terrible lesions that other doctors dismissed as non-important. I became so weak I could barely stand upright. Several MD's, one DO and a lab pathologist told me if anyone could figure this out it would be Dr Kwiker. He struggled through the illness with me and never gave up on treatments. Eventually all the lesions healed and my strength has slowly come back. I call him my doctor but it would be selfish not to share him with the rest of the world. He is brilliant and has the most positive and wonderful staff working for him. He takes calls every morning 8-9am from his patients. No other doctor I have ever had makes themselves that available. I love Dr Kwiker and his staff not only because they are the best, but they got me well and I am so incredibly grateful!”


"Saw Kirk Hamilton PA. (There are multiple practitioner's within this office). Kirk spent more than adequate amount of time with me explaining and answering questions and going over my entire health picture rather than focusing in on the one issue/concern/chief complaint that I had. If you have a health concern that is bothering you that other physicians could not address he will tackle that and then take it to the next level -well beyond your expectations. If you are a health conscious person like I am who tries to eat right and exercise etc who is seeking the best you can get from your body, mind and spirit this is the guy to see. He is going to enhance what you may be already doing and help you improve it and take your health to the next level without that much effort.
Kirk's goal is to help you achieve optimal health period and without pharmaceuticals.
Staff was very friendly place was busier than Grand Central Station but they run it like a well-oiled machine and take time with each patient to ensure you are satisfied. I was very pleased."

-Alexis M


"I've been seeing Dr. William Mora for the past 4 1/2 months.  I saw Wendy Pomerantz (Physician's Assistant) a few times in 2011.  I can honestly say that both of these practitioners are top notch!  I've never been treated rudely in any manner by anyone here.
The staff is also fantastic (I've had my blood drawn a couple times here and had a couple infusions with Ray).  Everybody is GREAT!  This is a VERY BUSY office.  I believe they are a cash/credit pay situation, although they did give me insurance forms to attempt to seek reimbursement from my insurance company.  
More importantly, the practitioners LISTEN to me.  They don't dictate, they listen and WE come together to achieve my optimum health goals.  They believe in supplements (as do I), and they have plenty on hand...although they are NOT pushing them on you in any way.
This office is one of the very few in all of Sacramento Valley that prescribes and administers BHRT pellet therapy, and it is very reasonably priced too.  This type of HRT has been a Godsend for me!  In addition, they also perform Prolotherapy, which is a pain management therapy (and has worked wonder for my 70+ yr old Mother).  They are forward-thinking leaders in the medicine field and I can get 500% behind that!  
Obviously, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them~"

-Shelly L


"Dr. Kwiker must have a great deal of experience with adrenal fatigue because when I was there several years ago I was sitting next to a woman that said she had been to 3 other MDs that couldn't help her with what turned out to be adrenal fatigue. She was getting IV vitamin therapy and said that it was helping her feel better as she was feeling like she had more energy. She had only gone for four treatments at that time. Dr. Kwiker believes in eating the right foods according to your blood type. So, you all may want to get the book called, "Eat Right For Your Type". It makes a lot of sense and it has helped me a great deal for heart disease. I would think it would be very helpful for adrenal fatigue as well.'


"Been going here for 5+ years and I must say I would not be where I'm at without Wendy. I started bio identical hormone therapy (time released pellets) 6 years ago and I have never felt better. My energy is so much better, my joy is back, and my libido is back as is was when I was in my 20's. I honestly cannot say enough about this office and staff. I also go twice a year for IV chelation for my heavy metals and also IV immune boosters before flu and cold season....knock on wood, I've been flu free since I stated that regimen. Some of the exam rooms could use a little updating but other than that it's great!"
-Teri G


"Dr. Taras Lumiere has been using Neuromodulation Technique on our sons, ages 15 and 12, who are both diagnosed with autism. NMT has brought our sons out of the fog and their participation in all environments has improved. NMT has also improved their energy level and attention span. Before NMT, it was hard for them to get interested in anything. They seemed to use up all of their energy with being anxious (so) that learning did not happen. 
Nowadays, their socialization therapy sessions, speech and tutoring sessions are now fun activities for them. My husband and I enjoy seeing them make good choices; the boys are now able to stay calm while thinking of their options. They now seem to really hear what people are saying to them and people around them seem to hear them more clearly." 



"I have known Dr K. since 1987, he is the best Dr. I have ever met. He saved my life, improved my health and immune system. I am healthier than I have ever been before. I now fly from Texas to Sacramento to see him at least once a year."
-Nancy G


"I've been a patient of Wendy's for 14 years and couldn't be happier.  I've seen Wendy for accupuncture as well as Women's Health issues.  She's pretty much the only medical person I see.  When my 39 year old daughter couldn't conceive, I recommended Wendy and within 90 days she was pregnant and had a healthy now 8 year old daughter with no invasive treatments, hormone overload or dangerous side effects or long term health problems which would have been the case with the treatment her traditional Ob recommended." 

=Dotti H


"I am a 43 year old female business owner that had neck, back, and hip problems due to a car accident when I started getting treatment from Dr. Lumiere. Dr. Lumiere has helped heal me through both physical manipulation and energy work. I used to be in constant pain and out of adjustment most of the time, but thanks to Dr. Lumiere I now have little pain and only need to seek treatment once in a while. Dr. Lumiere’s techniques seem a bit non-traditional, but his methods have been very successful. He finds the problem and fixes it! I recommend him to my family and friends." 



"Dr. Kwiker is one of the Best doctors I have ever been to. He really takes an interest in your health. He does not rush you in and out. He takes the time to figure out what your body needs and explains what is going on. My family and I drive over 2 hours each way to see Dr. Kwiker. He and his wonder staff are worth it."
-Terri V


"After many months of “not feeling right” and being told by MD after MD that my issues were related to my Hepatitis C and I was just going to have to “learn to deal with it”, I literally collapsed from extreme fatigue, excessive joint pain throughout my body, and mental fogginess. 
I went to see Dr. Lumiere at that time, and we began to work together on relieving my symptoms. When it became clear that there was more to my problem than just my hepatitis C, Dr. Lumiere began “testing” me for a myriad of viruses and parasites, eventually suggesting that I be tested for Lyme disease. 
I had the tests performed. I tested positive for both the acute and chronic versions of Lyme disease. It was then that we began to aggressively treat my disease with a combination of antibiotics prescribed by Dr. Mora, as well as acupuncture, herbs, and other of Dr. Lumiere’s advanced and innovative treatment modalities. Within 5 months I was free of symptoms from the Lyme disease, recovered from the antibiotic therapy, and headed back to work after months of leave." 



"Dr. Kwiker was able to correctly diagnose me and my lack of energy. I had been to 7 MD's in the past 5 years. All they could say was that my tests were normal and I was depressed. I knew it not to be true. Dr. Kwiker did his own testing and it was found that I had severe adrenal failure. He did not prescribe prescription drugs but alternative homeopathic ones and used the mind-body connection. Within 3 weeks, I felt the best I had felt in over 10 years. The staff is friendly. The MD's should take some lessons in Dr. Kwiker's knowledge about patients instead of checking off "ailments" to send to the insurance company and using prescription medication."


"Everyone here is super nice.  I went to Dr. Kwiker and he put me on the Blood Type Diet.  It's helped me to feel better and I've even lost a little weight.  I will continue to go here and I enjoy learning about all that homeopathy has to offer."
-Vanessa G


"I saw Dr. Kwiker over 30 years ago, but am now referring my neighbor to him. I'm so glad he's still in practice and his group is still there! For me, he "fixed" my chronic constipation and related severe menstrual cramps, my sugar cravings and mood swings, and as a side issue, I lost weight!!"
-Jill A