Doctor's open phone line (916) 489-4400

We offer the unique opportunity to speak directly with one of our practitioners on our "Open Phone Line" hour between 8:00 - 9:00AM every Monday through Friday.  This is no charge for this service and it is available to both established and non-established patients.

Our patients enjoy this opportunity to dialog with their practitioner in a focused and concise manner, and it helps us to deal with simple questions efficiently.  This is also a great platform to discuss test results with your practitioner.

Potential new patients can call and briefly speak with one of our practitioners to learn more about what we do or how we can help.

If you do call during this time, please be patient as this is a very popular service and your call be be taken in the order that it has been received.   If you would like to call just to make an appointment it is best to call during our regular business hours after 9AM.