You Can Reverse Rheumatoid Arthrtis by Diet - Two Case Studies

Over the last several years I have listened to multiple physicians at conferences tell their stories of "curing" themselves of autoimmune illness with whole food plant based diets (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc.). Haven't had a chance to interview Monica Aggarwal, MD but she is a plant-based cardiologist who heard recently at a conference who did it. Here story is inspiring. It's not only about getting off of offending foods (dairy, meats, eggs, wheat, junk carbs etc.) and eating more nutrient dense plant foods but it's also about getting your life under control stress wise. Here is Dr. Aggarwal's inspiring story as well as Erika Cline's story a young 28 year old with severe rheumatoid arthritis, brain fog, numbness, dizziness, anemia and chronic fatigue who reversed her rheumatoid arthritis in a 1-2 year period.

But we've known doing fasting then proceeding to a low allergy plant based (vegan) diet has reversed RA symptoms for years. You can apply this same approach to any autoimmune illness and for that matter any chronic pain syndrome, especially if related to joints.

Monica Aggarwal, MD, Cardiologist’s Story

Erika Cline's Story

Fasting and Vegetarian Diet Benefits RA Ref 1 2

Kirk's Basic Elimination Diet (page 2) - Can help WITHOUT going completely plant-based

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Kirk Hamilton's Interview With Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on Reversing His Diabetes and Neuropathy Fast! And Transforming Healthcare in New York City

Kirk’s 15 Minute Podcast with President Eric Adams - Listen Here (15:02)
Kirk's Video Overview of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adam's Interview (3:09 min)
Fork's Over Knives Diabetes Reversal Interview with President Eric Adams (5:50 min)
Kirk Hamilton’s:
Reversing Diabetes Handout (PDF) - Reversing Diabetes Resources (Web)
Eric Adams is currently the President of the Brooklyn Borough, one of five Boroughs in New York City containing 2.6 million people. This elected position is equivalent to a countyexecutive. He is a former New York City police officer and was a New York State Senator for 7 years. As a NYC police officer, he was very active in building relationships between the community and police officers. He became a special assignment police officer then was promoted to sergeant, lieutenant and eventually retired as a captain.

Health Journey
In his jobs from police officer, to state senator and then President of the Brooklyn Borough his diet and lifestyle habits were very poor living a very busy and stressful life eating sugary, high fat and highly processed foods. He never equated his poor health habits to the medical problems he had.  

While traveling in Dubai he developed a stationary abdominal pain that concerned him enough to be evaluated when returning the United States fearing colon cancer which had affected a friend. After a colonoscopy and endoscopy, he was found to have a small ulcer but his doctor said he had a much bigger problem... of out-of-control diabetes which he had no awareness of.

Health Problems
Along with the ulcer and extreme diabetes he had elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, vision loss in loss in his left eye and was losing sight in his right eye, numbness (neuropathy) in his hands, feet and right thigh and he was overweight. Though he states looking from the outside he looked to be in good shape.

Doctors Recommendations
Because of his position he had seen some (five) of the best and most credentialed doctors in New York City all saying essentially the same things; his diabetes was very severe (one physician said he should have been in a coma); he had to be put on medication (two) and insulin right away; his condition with medical treatment might blunt or slow some of the disease’s side effects but it was hereditary (mother and sisters had diabetes) and the diabetes and side effects would progress. Not one of the physicians he saw said anything about nutrition and food.  

Taking “Disease Reversing” Action
He could not accept the physicians’ statements that her would be on medication the rest of his life. He Googled “Reversing Diabetes”. He came across Cleveland Clinics Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s work on reversing heart disease. He called Dr. Esselstyn and subsequently flew to Cleveland Ohio to visit him. While traveling to Cleveland he came across a book of another physician Dr. Michael Greger, “How Not to Die”. He read it on his trip and was stunned and in disbelief to read/hear evidence that many chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, etc.) are not just preventable but reversible by a whole food plant-based diet without added oils. “The Forks Over Knives Plan” really helped him make a rapid and complete transition to a whole food plant-based diet!

He returned home to Brooklyn and cleared out all the food in his house that would not fit into his new diet of being “Whole Food Plant-Based” (WFPBD) and that this would be his new norm for eating and living.

Food Preparation and Eating In or Out On a Hectic Schedule
President Adams lives a very busy and full job being a very active public official, almost 24/7, so he food preps once a week. He prepares and eats food in his office frequently. He travels a lot and brings a thermal bag to carry his food with him. When eating out he will many times eat before he goes so, he will be full and just have a salad. Or, he will look at side menus and/or create a meal with combinations of salads.  He states, “I have built my life around eating and eating is not built around my life.” He exercises in his office as well.

Rapid and Lasting Health Results
Three weeks after committing 100% to a WFPBD without oil his ophthalmologist was stunned because his vision had totally cleared up; three months later his hemoglobin A1C was at a normal 5.7 (originally A1C was 17, then 13); the neuropathy in his hands, feet and thigh disappeared; his blood pressure and cholesterol normalized; his ulcer was gone and he had lost 35 lbs. President Adams emphasizes this diet as a Whole Food Plant-Based without oil because just eating vegan (no animal products) doesn’t mean you won’t eat processed, unhealthy vegan junk foods.

President Eric Adams Thoughts on First Responders
First responders have a very stressful job as it is without adding the health consequences of a poor diet to their busy lifestyles. First responders shouldn’t be responded to because of their own health crisis. Many officers are on the “Heart Bill” suffering from hardening of the arteries, stents, strokes, premature death and other chronic diseases.

Positive Action in New York City and The Brooklyn Borough
- A plant-based medical clinic is being establish at the oldest hospital in the United States. Bellevue hospital in New York City. Ref: 2
- Meatless Mondays at New York City’s Presbyterian Hospital Ref: 1  2
- Meatless Mondays in New York City schools  Ref:  1  2  3
- Some vegetarian schools in New York City Ref: 1  2  3
- Plant and vegetable growing with new technology in NYC schools Ref: 1

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adam’s Vision for a Healthy Society
Health is not about living forever or necessarily longer. It’s about:
- Grandmothers not getting dementia so they can recognize their grandchildren…
- Individual’s not developing kidney failure from diabetes so they don’t have to spend three hours per day three days per week going to dialysis…
- Not seeing the #1 cause of unnecessary non-traumatic limb amputations from diabetes occur…
- Not seeing the #1 killer heart disease occur with it is mostly a preventable and reversible condition…
- Not seeing yours or a loved one’s life “hijacked” because you have to be constantly dealing with a chronic disease or worry about the next test...
- Knowing you can change your health condition at any age as Eric Adams mother did by reversing her diabetes at the age of 80!

Eric Adams took an oath to “serve and protect" when he was an NYPD officer and that commitment continues today as the President of the Brooklyn Borough. The United States should have healthy families and children and healthcare should not get in way of it.

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Former Brooklyn Police Officer Reverses His Diabetes and Neuropathy....Fast!

I heard Eric Adams, former police officer and now Brooklyn Borough President, speak this past weekend when I did a "1 Dayer" to the 2nd Annual Preventive Cardiology Conference at Montefiore in the Bronx, NY. While there was some great physicians speakers, Mr. Adams was the best. His dramatic diabetes reversal story along with his passion to help people in general, and especially the people in Brooklyn, and especially, especially, the children of that borough is tremendously inspiring. Read this content and watch this video (5 minutes). Share it with a loved one with diabetes. Then go to my web page of resources for Diabetes Reversal. This is an example of how fast (3 months) and out-of-control diabetic can reverse their disease (and neuropathy) with a whole food plant based diet.

Watch This Powerful 5 Minute Video About Eric Adams: Read This About His Health Journey:

This is one of the most powerful videos and talks I have heard. Share it!

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Stop or Reverse Kidney Disease By Treating Fructose Toxicity and Alkalizing the Body

The interview I did with nephrologist Dr. Patanay Teng-umnuay, MD, PhD (Molecular Cell Biology), who is also the Vice President of the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine, Thailand, really opened my eyes to the value of a simple test that really should be done on all routine exams, especially if you have any type of kidney disease (or really hypertension, diabetes, bone loss, heart disease, etc), and that is a simple uric acid level. While we all know to check uric acid levels for gout and put people on lower meat protein diets, reduce cheeses and alcohol what I didn't know was how extremely important it was to lower uric acid levels by medication or diet to prevent or reverse kidney disease. It goes something like this. Fructose which comes from soft drinks, any confectionery food (along with the wrong type of fats), artificial sweeteners and fruit consumption is metabolized through the liver (unlike glucose). Its metabolism ends up increasing uric acid which can lead to an acid state in the body and progressive kidney disease. So to combat kidney disease (and other conditions, like bone loss, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc. ) stop all artificial sources of fructose (i.e. soft drinks, confectionery foods, etc.) and even fruit in some cases. Or limit to 2-3 pieces per day. Dr. Patana uses the old drug allopurinol to lower uric acid and buffers the blood with sodium bicarbonate to slow or reverse kidney disease. This is definitely a podcast to read and/or listen to! Very relevant to many people!

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Reduce Heart Disease Mortality and Improve Your Heart Function With A Combination of CoQ10 and Selenium - An Interview with Cardiologist Urban Alehagen, MD, PhD

Getting ready to head to the airport....Sunday in Bangkok (back at SFO 8:30 pm Sunday)...trying to finish editing and posting one of two interviews I did from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Meeting (Bangkok, Thailand). This was with a Professor of Cardiology from the University of Linkoping, Sweden, Dr. Urban Alehagen, on the benefit of yeast bound selenium 100 mcg 2 x daily and CoQ10 (ubiquinone) 100 mg 2 x daily on reducing cardiac death, cardiovascular disease and improving heart function by reducing inflammation and the "stiffening" in the arteries and fibrosis in the heart. I think you will find it informative, practical and easy to understand. Yes diet first, mostly plants, then judicious supplementation if needed.

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You Can Know Your Real Heart Attack Risk By CT Angiography and Coronary Calcium Scoring - An Interview with Cardiologist Warrick Bishop

An "Ah-Hah" Moment on "Real" Heart Attack Risk Assessment
Cardiologist Dr. Warrick Bishop had an enlightening experience of helping resuscitate an individual on the side of the road from a cardiac event only to find out later that this person had been a patient of his which he had cleared from significant cardiovascular risk two years prior with a stress EKG. This challenged him to look at what really needs to be done to evaluate someone's true risk of a heart attack and intervene accordingly. He became aware of and began to utilize the three dimensional CT scan (xray) of the heart  for coronary calcium accumulation (without contrast dye) and with contrast (CT angiography) as excellent low risk, low cost tests that could tell the practitioner and patient the status of the  plaque in the coronary arteries and what specific treatment approaches to employ, and to what level of intensity, to reduce the patients heart attack risk. The analogy of the coronary artery calcium testing would be analogous to that of the routine mammogram for breast cancer. The difference is heart disease is the number one killer in men AND WOMEN and many more women's lives are lost to heart disease than breast cancer so this raises the question of why not screening all women starting at 60 for heart disease with this technology (and men at age 50)?

Coronary Calcium Screening
It is Dr. Warrick's belief that coronary calcium testing (noninvasive, without contrast dye) is the "gate keeper" in that if no coronary calcium is found in the coronary arteries (and if the patient has no cardiac symptoms i.e. chest pain, shortness of breath, or significant risk factors like elevated lipids, family history, diabetes, etc.) then no further study is needed, nor treatment for coronary arterial plaque accumulation.  But if there is ANY calcification found then a CT angiogram is warranted because he has seen cases where the calcification is small but the non-calcified "soft" plaque is large, and/or the plaque is located in a dangerous place anatomically in the coronary artery, and/or there is significant stenosis (narrowing) of the coronary artery warranting more aggressive treatment.

Hard (Calcified) and Soft (Non-Calcified) Plaque
The coronary calcium test without dye is a 10 minute, three dimensional scan (xray) of the moving heart that measures the calcium buildup in the coronary arteries or the "calcified plaque". This calcified plaque may be a protective response by the body to seal off small "microvascular" ruptures of plaque with calcium to prevent penetration of the inner artery wall. This is usually a smaller percentage of the total plaque burden (i.e. generalization 20% calcified plaque and 80% non-calcified plaque; % can vary). To "see" this soft, non-calcified plaque (amount, location), which is thought to be the more dangerous plaque because it can rupture leading to clot formation in a coronary artery (heart attack), artery in the brain (stroke), lung (pulmonary embolism/thrombosis) or leg (DVT - deep vein thrombosis) the CT angiogram with dye is needed. The soft plaque (generally 3 types - unstable necrotic core or low attenuation plaque of inflamed lipids more likely to rupture; a more stable fibro-fatty plaque, a mixture of lipids and fibrous material; and a fibrous plaque or fibrous cap that is more stable that might turn into more calcified plaque) is measured by the CT angiogram which requires dye to be injected prior to the exact same test and machine (scanner) that gave you the original calcium score.

Biochemical Testing
While Dr. Bishop uses biochemical markers of cardiometabolic status such as cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL cholesterol, homocysteine, fasting insulin, Lp (a), HS-CRP among others, the bottom line is what he sees in the coronary arteries really is the main determinant of the extent and aggressiveness of his cardiopreventive approach for that individual patient.

Lifestyle, Central Weight and Insulin Resistance
Dr. Warrick feels that insulin resistance and central weight (adiposity) and the diabetic "leaning" patients should be treated with a lifestyle program focused on weight reduction and reduction of carbohydrates, especially processed carbohydrates. He uses dietician counseling to support his medical program.

He uses some nutraceuticals such as coenzyme Q10 for some statin users with some anecdotal benefit and for some types of heart failure; fish oil for elevated triglycerides and insulin resistance; and slow release niacin (500-1000 mg daily) for low HDL levels and high Lp (a).

Professional Awareness of Coronary CT Scanning
Dr. Warrick wishes there was greater receptivity with his professional colleagues both general practitioners and cardiovascular specialists to this technology (coronary calcium scoring and CT angiography). He continues to try and educate professionals on this technology.

Patient Education
An educated patient gets the best medical care according to Dr. Bishop. So being able to tell them the real status of their plaque and anatomy of their coronary arteries using coronary calcium testing and CT angiography, along with some biochemical determinants and lifestyle, allows him to create with the patient a specific heart attack prevention program.


About Cardiologist Dr. Warrick Bishop
Doctor Warrick Bishop is a practicing cardiologist, bestselling author and key-note speaker who has a passion to help prevent heart disease on a global scale by early detection. Assessment tools he champions are coronary calcium screening and the appropriate use of CT angiography (CTA). With a detailed assessment of what is happening within the coronary arteries an individualized preventive strategy can be employed.

Dr. Bishop graduated from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine, in 1988. He completed his advanced training in cardiology in Hobart, Tasmania, becoming a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

He is the author of: “Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack” 2018, pages 158.

Warrick Bishop, MD, Calvary Hospital Consulting Rooms, 49 Augusta Rd, Lenah Valley TAS 7008, Phone: (03) 6278 9220

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Beans are A Superfood Found in Every Blue Zone… Enjoy!

About a week ago I took a can of organic black beans, threw in some onion and garlic powder, with cilantro, parsley, dill, oregano, basil and chive flakes with some salt and pepper mixed with some organic baby spinach. Heated and stirred it all up till the spinach leaves were slightly wilted and just ate it. It was simple but great tasting! Greens and beans… Slow release carbohydrate from the beans (with protein too) contains fiber that is good food for your intestinal bacteria and greens are greens. That is why the biggest animals in the world literally live off tons of greens because they are so nutritious. Also a consistent dietary staple of  ALL the Blue Zones in the world…. where people live the longest and without much chronic disease… is beans! Enjoy these simple recipes!

Fava Bean Salad
Mint Lemonade Chickpea Salad
Easy Black Bean Salad
Fresca Bean Salad
Chickpea Avocado Salad
Cauliflower Rice Salad

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Rice and Beans are Super Foods for Health and Longevity!

Rice and beans have been used for millennia by cultures without epidemics of obesity and without “carb phobia”. They have provided cheap, healthful and effective nutrition and energy for billions of people. The key to eating a carbohydrate rich diet and being healthy, like most Blue Zone cultures around the world eat (cultures that live into their 90s and 100s without chronic disease), is to try and eat carbohydrates in their whole state as possible (i.e. whole grains, beans, peas, lentils, yams, sweet potatoes, whole potatoes, squash, with as little added oils and animal foods as possible. If you eat a high meat-fat diet along with processed carbohydrates that have added sugars and oils in them (muffins, cakes, crackers, chips, most breads, pastries, etc.) you are getting a ton of sugar and fat along with your carbohydrate source which can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity and poor health. So keep it simple. Eat the carbohydrate in its whole state as possible, with minimal added oils, sugars and animal foods, if any, and add tons of vegetables or combine good carbs like beans and rice. White rice did not lead to obesity in cultures until those cultures started eating more meat (animal foods), fat and added sugars. White rice and vegetables doesn’t make you fat. Meats, oil, dairy foods and white rice make you fat!

Enjoy and save money! Rice and beans are cheap!

Mexican Style Bean and Rice Casserole

Ethopian Wild Rice

Green Chile Rice with Black Beans

Burritos with Spanish Rice and Black Beans

Costa Rican Rice and Beans (Gallo Pinto)

Rice Bowls with Kidney Beans, Spinach, and Mixed Veggies

Mexican Rice Soup

Enjoy. Keep it simple, healthy and cheap!

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Enhance Your Memory and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease Now!

I was preparing my handout for my “Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline Prevention and Reversal” talk at LABIOMED this Wednesday (6:00 p.m., 1124 West Carson, Torrance, CA – 310-803-5657 RSVP) and wanted to make it available to everyone. Here is the 10 page PDF of resources from my 3 favorite books and author/researchers on the subject (“Diet for the Mind”, Martha Morris, PhD; “The Alzheimer’s Solution” Dean and Ayesha Shirzai, MDs; and “The End of Alzheimer’s Disease”, Dale Bredesen, MD).

This handout is incredibly extensive. Use it in combination with my website where there is links to books, research papers, podcasts and websites on the subject of prevention and reversal of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease made for easy access (just click on the links).

There is much hope in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. While it seems like there is no effective drug treatments, that does not mean this condition cannot be prevented and in some cases reversed. If you read the handout; resources on this page; read these 3 books you will know that we can turn back this epidemic of cognitive decline. But you must act.

If I had to pick out 1 thing to tell people to do for their mind/memory…… it would be to exercise vigorously for 1 hour daily….

If I could only get you to do one dietary habit….eat no processed carbohydrates – only whole carbohydrates. (2nd would be to decrease saturated fat intake – meat…)

If I could get you to follow one lifestyle plan – Follow the NEURO Plan in the “Alzheimer’s Solution” and join: Team Sherzai

If a loved one had Alzheimer’s – but had the right team (physician, family support, insurance/or economic where-with-all, health coach, in home assistance, etc.) then I would do the Bredesen Protocol (The End of Alzheimer’s).

Unlike the all other chronic diseases – heart/cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone loss, eye disorders, obesity, arthritis, etc. you can “buy time” with medical interventions (i.e. drugs, surgeries,etc.) to extend life, maybe not the quality, but you can extend life. And if a person said “OK I am going to reverse my heart disease now and do the diet you told me to do” it can be done at a very late stage and be successful. Same with diabetes. But in Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline there is no grace period. There is no medical therapy that extends the window of when you can try. Once a person slides to a certain point of cognitive decline you can know all the biochemistry and environment that is imbalanced, and the lifestyle (diet and exercise) that is off, but then it is up to the family/support people to do EVERYTHING for the patient (right foods, exercise, take supplements, hormones, medications, correct toxic environment etc.) and it gets too overwhelming and it doesn’t even get attempted and the patient has to have extensive home care or goes into a facility for “whare-housing”. Sound brutal it is! I have experienced this personally on several occasions from the practitioner end.

That is why I really plead with you DON’T WAIT. Start at least the NEURO Plan Now! It is all at your fingertips! One click away!

Website Resources: Alzheimer’s Prevention and Reversal Resource Page

Handout: Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline Prevention and Reversal Handout

You are in charge with most of your disease and longevity...." Just Do It!":-)!

Be and Stay Well,


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Finding Your Ikigai - The Key to a Long, Happy and Healthful Life!

One of my deepest passions ("Ikigai" see below) is to share with people simple, proven ways to not only extend the length of their lives, but to increase the quality, purpose, function and disease-free periods in their lives. You know I am a "Blue Zones" fan because...while I love nutrition and prevention research, and spend a great deal of my life looking through it, I give more credence to learning from people who live long functional lives, which is what the "Blue Zone" populations are all about.

While I recommend in my practice "plant-slanted" diets, exercise, stress management, nutraceuticals, hormones, environmental clean-up and do lots of sophisticated nutritional testing - what is more important is paying attention to how the longest, happiest, most functional people live and incorporating those principles in our busy modern lives. That is why studying one of the Blues Zones, Loma Linda, CA, is so important. This is 60 miles from downtown LA... in the "heart of the beast" so-to-speak. So you don't have to travel to a far away Blue Zones isolated from the rest of the world to find examples of long living people.

So just read these short "Blue Zone" pearls...The "Low Tech" way to health and longevity.

Watch this excellent short 4 minute video on Longevity by Dan Buettener, creator of the Blue Zones.  Video

Sign up for the Blue Zone health letter....great and simple health pearls....(at the bottom of the page)

When you add a strong sense of daily purpose to a healthy lifestyle now you have the recipe for a really long and wonderful life. In Okinawa, Japan they call this... (Ikigai - "the reason for being - the thing that gets you up in the morning")

This two minute video on "Ikigai" "the reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the mornging" in Japan is wonderful!...pretty funny though ends up being a Nescafe ad.... good for them! Spreading some good message!

The 10 Laws of Ikigai (3 minutes)

You are in charge with most of your disease and longevity...." Just Do It!":-)!

Be and Stay Well,


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