Weight Training for Brain Health?... A "No Brainer!"

I am focusing some of my practice on treating Alzheimer's disease, dementia and
memory loss using proven approaches such as from Dr. Dale Bredesen (neurologist
from UCLA - see Podcast   Article )

But even if you can discover multiple "holes" to be plugged or fixed (37+ at least
- probably closer to 100), it is still an overwhelming task many times for the whole
patient "team" which includes spouses and family members. On more than one occasion
I see what "holes need to be filled" but the patient and family don't have the energy,
time, or resources to implement "plugging" the holes for a 3-6 month period to see if
cognition improves.

So simple things like aerobic exercise - 1 hour daily and strength training anyone can
do with desire. These two treatments are so important in the prevention AND treatment
of Alzheimer's disease. Do them and do them now to help maintain your bra

For strength training I recommend simple circuit training. Takes 15 minutes. I know
because I do it. No excuses. Go to any gym. Go to the machines. Do 6 DIFFERENT arm
exercises and 6 DIFFERENT leg exercises, 10-15 repetitions each. Any order you want.
You are done. Shoot for every day then you'll get 4-5 days per week. This is simple
and it works.

Keep your body strong, keep your circulation clear and you will be helping prevent
or treat you or your loved ones Alzheimer's disease.

Be and Stay Well,


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