Cinnamon Use Helps Prediabetics with Memory

In a recent study and interview I did with Dr. Mark L. Wahlqvist from Taiwan it was found in men and women over the age of 60 from Tapei City (Taiwan) with pre-diabetes (a fasting blood sugar between 100-125) those who used cinnamon in their diet more (1 gram per day as seasoning not as a supplement) had better working memory than those who didn't.  This was independent of the fact that cinnamon can reduce insulin resistance which has been shown to improve memory.

The moral of the story is use cinnamon as a spice freely and keep your blood sugar down (fasting blood sugar < 85 mg/dl and hemoglobin A1C 5.6 or less). Eat an unprocessed, whole food mostly plant based diet and eat beans. They are noted as a longevity food.

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