Heart Disease Reversal and Much More with the Ornish Lifestyle Program

I was researching the Ornish Program online because I am going to make a visit this
thursday to the Dr. Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease at UCLA Health in
Los Angeles.

The Ornish Program differs from the one you have heard me talk about, and I visited
last year, the heart reversal program of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Prevent and Reverse
Heart Disease
), in that it has 3 other aspects besides just a low fat, mainly plant-based
diet approach (though Dr. Ornish includes fish oil and some non-fat dairy foods) and
those are exercise, stress management, and love and support.

Take a few minutes to watch Dr. Ornish review each one of these aspects of his
program because this approach has not only been scientifically proven to reverse
heart disease, like Dr. Esselstyn's, but also to increase telomeres (longevity) and benefits
prostate cancer, reduce cancer risk by changing your genes within months, creates
successful weight loss and can reverse diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.

Look on the side bar and click on each of the aspects of the program to watch the video.
    The Proven Program
    The Research (my favorite :-)!)
    Stress Management
    Love & Support
That's right! One comprehensive lifestyle pattern, cures or improves multiple diseases.

Each video is only 3-4 minutes and done very well. You need to know this is possible.

Share with a loved one.

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