Do You Want to Know How to Diagnose and Treat Your Food Sensitivities? Come Watch This!

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On July 21, 2016 at 6:30 pm at Health Associates Medical Group come learn how to discover and control your food sensitivities with my talk "One Person's Health Food Is Another Persons "Poison"! How to Diagnose and Treat Your Food Sensitivities"!

You will learn how to:
- Keep and take a diet history
- Do different types of elimination diets
- Learn how to add back foods
- Learn how digestion and gut health can cure or cause food sensitivities
- What supplements can help reduce food sensitivities
- Learn how your allergic load can effect how you react to food
- Understand that food sensitivities can come and go
and much more.....

This one talk, if taken to heart and practice, could save you thousands of dollars in doctor visits and much suffering.

This talk is 1 of 4 talks in "Kirk's 28 Day Healthy Living Program and Lecture Series" starting July 7 for four consecutive weeks.

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