Kirk Is Looking for Only 10 "Good" People To....In July With Me!

Video Overview of My "28 DayHealthy Living Program!"

Dear Friends,

I am looking for no more than 10 good people who want to transform
their health in the month of July (2016) and spend 90, informative,
energetic and fun, minutes with me each week....The "side effects?"...

...More energy, Mental Sharpness, Fitness, Peak Performance and Less Pain!

You will experience each Week:

- 1 very practical and engaging talk that you can apply immediately
  to protect and enhance your own health!

- Weekly Q & A and individual coaching to help you understand the
  material in the context of your particular health issue(s).

- A "Step by Step" incorporation of 1 Lifestyle and 3 Diet principles
  each week that will transform your health to a more optimal state
  simply by doing these easy steps.

- 23 simple topics and lifestyle practices presented by reading material,
  online videos, and discussions to help you "GET IT!"....the material I mean...:-))!

- 2 FREE E-Books!

- A weekly hour online Q & A to ask me more questions if you need to!

- A small group (no more than 10) with lots of Q & A time each session
  so you can have effective coaching.

WHERE:  Health Associates Medical Group, 3301 Alta Arden #3, Sacramento, CA 95825

WHEN:   Thursday, 6:30-8:00 pm PST - July 7, 14, 21, 28.

COST:    $79.98 - Can only be purchased online.

If you are convinced you want to be one of these lucky 10...Sign-Up Now!  Click Here!

If you need to read more about "Kirk's 28 Day Healthy Living Program and Lectures"                        
See you Soon..

Be and Stay Well,


PS: Remember "First Come First Serve"...I want a small group...No more than 10 wonderful people :-))!