Goodbye Lupus! Hello Green Smoothies! How a Medical Doctor Cured Herself with SuperMarket Foods!

Reversing Lupus Naturally with Supermarket Foods (Podcast 46:10 min)
Kirk's overview of his interview with Dr. Brooke Goldner (Youtube 5:08 min)

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All I can say is about my interview with Dr. Goldner is wow! Dr. Goldner is so passionate, alive and committed to helping people and her personal story of self-healing is so inspirational and educational! A must listen to this interview for you and your loved ones.

Dr. Brooke Goldner, a board certified psychiatrist, shares her self-healing from a life-threatening autoimmune illness, Lupus Erythematosus, which caused serious kidney damage and after 11 years of medical treatments with high dose steroids and chemotherapy, used nutrition alone, with her husband's help, to have a complete recovery requiring no medications for 10 years.

Dr. Goldner's energy, compassion, knowledge and clarity of living her life's purpose is infectious and inspiring in this podcast. The use of mostly raw foods, along with nutrient dense, concentrated green smoothies, designed to enhance cellular metabolism, result in case, after case of reversal of serious disease and the recovery of vibrant health.

I highly recommend listening to this inspiring podcast with simple and practical, whole food, plant-based approaches to self-healing. Her personal story of how she got Lupus, the lifestyle she had been raised with providing foods that can cause many of the devastating diseases of Western Society, including Lupus, and then the dramatic changes in her diet and lifestyle with subsequent disease disappearance within four months, will give hope to many with painful and exhausting chronic diseases.

Dr. Brooke Goldner (Dr. G.) is a psychiatrist, best-selling author, the founder of,, creator of the Hyper-nourishing Healing Protocol for Lupus Recovery, and is the author of “Goodbye Lupus” and “Green Smoothie Recipes to Kickstart Your Health and Healing.”

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