How to Live to 100...It's Your Lifestyle Not Your Genes...Learn From Those Who Have Done It!

I am a big "Blue Zones" fan on learning from societies that live to 90-100 without our chronic diseases and then die after a short decline, if at all. On my FREE "Living to 100" resource page start by watching a short Dan Buettner TED talk, then check out the "Power 9" and "Blue Zone Food Guidelines" handouts...Listen to my podcast with the Willcox brothers (Okinawan Centenarian Study).

As much as I am a diet geek, longevity goes well beyond diet... it is not just luck or just your genes! You can do something about it today and for your lifetime...

I will give you a hint. Your want to create an environment in your life that supports you living a longevity lifestyle without thinking about it. If you do just one thing watch one of Dan Buettner TED talks.

Hopefully you will be intrigued to get one of the Blue Zone books. Take his $19 courses which were well worth it....

All the links are there to help you live a long, functional healthy life.

While I use supplements and hormones in my medical practice they can be helpful in improving quality of life, but for longevity we don't know the answer at all yet. So lets incorporate what successful Blue Zone cultures do into our busy lives. This is possible and this is what the book "Blue Zones Solutions" is all about. How these principles work in cities in the U.S.....if they create the correct "longevity environments"!

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