Boost Your Testosterone with Resistance Training! Females Too!

Boost Your Testosterone with Resistance Training.jpg

Worried about low testosterone as you get older? Get you butt in the gym and do resistance training of the large muscle groups (chest, shoulders, legs) and short rest in between sets (less than two minutes). I am a big fan of circuit training. Moving from station to station with little rest. Great article. Don't make it difficult or too technical. Just do it! and don't do what hurts you! Read This...

NEWS FLASH! Testosterone is important in females too! Not just for muscle building to protect your bones, but also for libido, female structures, and as an anti-anxiety agent. GIRLS get you butts in the gym too!

Also I highly recommend you get a subscription to Vegan Health and Fitness. If you think you can't build muscle eating only plant food you will see some of the most cut and ripped athletes from mixed martial artists, to professional football players to Olympic cyclists. Why not build muscle and protect your heart and get rid of your diabetes at the same time with a plant-based diet? No brainer!

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