Fruits, Vegetables and Plant Protein are Good for Your Kidneys!

Every day patients say, "I need more protein"...more meat, eggs and dairy....It's a myth...
and harmful....kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the U.S. and aggravated
by higher protein diets, especially animal proteins, but not so much plant proteins.....

"Fruits and Vegetables Improve Blood Pressure in Kidney Disease Patients

Kidney disease patients who increase their intake of fruits and vegetables can improve
their blood pressure, according to a study presented last week at the American Heart
Association's High Blood Pressure meeting in Orlando, Fla. Researchers followed the
diets of 108 kidney disease patients and monitored their blood pressure and medications.
The study divided the patients into three groups: one treated with sodium bicarbonate,
another with three to four daily servings of fruit and vegetables, and a control group.
Those who consumed more fruits and vegetables lowered their blood pressure,
compared with the other two groups, and lowered medications every year for the
five-year study. The reduction in medications saved the dietary intervention group and
estimated $80,000 in medication costs." Source: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, "Breaking Medical News"  

Goraya N, Simoni J, Pruszynski J, Xiang P, Wesson D. Blood pressure control is better
and less expensive in chronic kidney disease when associated metabolic acidosis is
treated with fruits and vegetables rather than sodium bicarbonate. Report
at: the American Heart Association's High Blood Pressure meeting; September 15, 2016: Orlando, FL.

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