Does Sugar Feed Cancer? Yes and No!

A mantra that sugar feeds cancer is a mantra that is dangerous in my opinion because
the public takes it as not eating "carbs" and gives the OK to eating more fat, more protein
which can lead to more cancer. John McDougall, MD does an excellent job in putting this
concept into perspective
. If you have cancer eat more/only good carbs - whole grains that
you aren't sensitive to, beans/legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds - in their whole state.  These
carbs that are UNprocessed are good for you.

Also, I JUDGE "experts and speakers" on how they look. If they preach health, no matter
what philosophy and don't look the part it turns me off....I believe their "facts" less.
Here is a video that helped get John McDougall, MD kicked out of speaking a speaking engagement at the Obesity in Medicine Conference because it was part of his slide show. The point
is pretty clear!  Video Worth Watching (2:08 min)


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