Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - The Epidemic That Doesn't Have to Happen!

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is increasing rapidly with the obesity and
diabetes mellitus epidemics. It is rapidly becoming the most common cause of liver
disease worldwide. NAFLD can progress to serious complications such as cirrhosis, liver
cancer and death

Individuals with NAFLD hav a higher risk of cardiovascular disease events (#1 killer
world-wide) than individuals without NAFLD
.  (Additional reference)  (See also my "Heart Disease Reversal" Resource Page )

A meta-analysis of 28 trials showed physical activity, independent from diet change,
was associated with a significant reduction in fatty liver content and in liver enzymes.
Individuals with increasing body mass index (weight) are more likely to benefit from

Resistance exercise improves NAFLD with less energy consumption than aerobic
exercise. Therefore resistance exercise may be more feasible than aerobic exercise
for NAFLD patients with poor cardiorespiratory fitness or for those who cannot
tolerate or participate in aerobic exercise

Low refined grain and red meat intakes, and high whole grain intake and adherence to
the Mediterranean diet style is associated with lower odds of the metabolic syndrome
in NAFLD patients

Summary for those with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease...

- Eat more fruit, vegetables and whole grains and eat less processed grains (baked
goods, chips, crackers, etc.), red meats and sugar added drinks.

- Do aerobic exercise daily (simply walking) and strength training (15 minutes of
 circuit training - 6 different arm exercises/6 leg exercises; 10-15 repetitions each -
without stopping between exercises).

This is a modern day condition (epidemic), like many, that need not exist with diet
change and exercise.

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