Seaweed....It's What's For Dinner!

Right on que, as I settle back in from my Okinawa trip in which I made a commitment to myself to eat seaweed daily, I see this short review on seaweed and blood pressure. Seaweed is an absolute stable of the Okinawan elders, and frankly most Okinawans, and has been so for decades. You can find seaweed in grocery stores and minimarts....I know because I bought some for breakfast there. Seaweed is such a common food it is put into little "pudding cups" for lunches for children (see video at 10:40 mm:ss). There is something more than just iodine in seaweed that benefits health....Omega 3s, fiber, antioxidants....??? I don't know exactly but it will be part of my daily diet from now on!...  Aside from fish there are other plant sources of omega 3s...

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