Take Flaxseed...Past Your Driver's Physical!

I had a patient today who didn't pass his commercial drivers license physical exam
because his blood pressure was to high. In this video a study is reviewed that 1/4
cup of ground flax seed for 6 months reduced systolic blood 10 points and diastolic
7 points which correlates with a 46% reduction in stroke risk and 29% reduction in
heart disease risk. If the individuals started with a systolic blood pressure greater than
140 they had a 15 point drop in systolic blood pressure.

This reduction is comparable to hypertension drugs without side effects.

I told my patient to go on strict, whole food, no added oil, plant-based diet. He is already
on 2 blood pressure medications. I also told him to take a 1/4 cup of flax seed in his
packed green smoothie daily. If he's listening let's see if he increases the amount of
flax seed to a 1/4 cup of ground flaxseed. I will see him in two weeks and see what

As you get older a systolic blood pressure above 115 may be the greatest predictor
of death.

Watch this short and informative video on ground flaxseed lowering blood pressure as good as medications!

Be and Stay Well,


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