Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Meal! ...Be Gentle on Your Pancreas with the Meat Portion...

One of the things I "re-learned" on my tripped to Okinawa is to use animal food as a condiment,  not a big portion of your plate....like what most of American will NOT do today with LARGE portions of turkey, ham and such.

One of the concepts that is hard to get across to people in our "carb fearing" nation is that UNPROCESSED carbs (example the wonderful Ben Imo....Okinawa purple sweet potato) reduce the risk to diabetes, and that increasing animal protein, which is generally high in saturated fat, increases diabetes risk. Fat, particularly saturated fat, which is making a comeback, "plugs up" insulin's ability, which comes from our pancreas, to "push" sugar into the cell to be burned. Therefore the pro-inflammatory insulin goes UP along with blood sugar....and you get more insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes which is the 6 or 7 leading cause of death in the U.S.

Dr. Greger's discussion on this topic is very well done and worth the read.

So today when you pile food on your plate hit the vegetables and salad hard, throw a few yams on the pile (but they are probably loaded with butter) and keep a smaller portion of turkey, ham, etc. and then try and be full for the desserts so you just eat less.

And if you can, which is so Un-American, practice Hara Hachi Bu, a practice of the long-
living Okinawan Centenarians...."EAT TILL YOU ARE 8 PARTS FULL!" or push away from
the table and stop eating long before you are stuffed!....I'll have to work on that in about
4 hours :-))!

Enjoy your family and friends and above all be THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING. We have
so much abundance and freedom in the U.S...

Be and Stay Well,


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