Whole Soy Foods Are Protective Against Breast Cancer and Help Bones

You may think this video is a "Plant" since I just got back from Okinawa 2 weeks ago
and shared the Okinawan elders in the past ate more soy than almost any other
population, and still today consume significant portions of whole soy foods in their daily
diet. They still have one of the lowest incidences of hormone dependent cancers
(breast, endometrial, ovarian and prostate cancers).

This video does an excellent job of reviewing the literature showing that "whole soy
foods" reduce the risk to breast cancer, endometrial and ovarian cancers, menopausal
symptoms and can IMPROVE bone density. It was also noted in the video that a
progesterone cream "slowed" bone density. It was probably a bio-identical progesterone

Dr. Greger did mention that combined estrogen therapy with a synthetic progesterone
increased breast cancer risk in the well publicized Women's Health Initiative II study, but
he didn't mention that estrogen therapy ALONE (without the synthetic progesterone)
portion of the trial REDUCED breast cancer risk

Moral of the story is eat whole soy foods unless you are truly allergic to them. They
are a healthy food. Progesterone cream may help with bone loss, and estrogen alone,
or at least not taken with Provera (non-bioidentical progestin), is not a major breast
cancer risk factor and may have bone and neuroprotective effects and can be selectively
and safely used.

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