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Safe, Rapid, Weight Loss and Muscle Building...Why Plant-Based Is Best!(42:53 min) Kirks video overview of his interview with Thomas Tadlock, MS (4:24 min)
Rapid Weight Loss Diet
The key to rapid weight loss is raising one's metabolism, not cutting calories.
Here are the steps to raising one's metabolism:
1) Eat whenever you are hungry.
2) Eat to fullness with as much raw food as possible, ideally green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables (at least 75% of your food intake should be raw vegetables). This can be done in the form of raw vegetables, salads and smoothies (75% greens, 25% fruit, 1/8-1/4 cup raw flax seeds or chia seeds, water to the fruit line or above, and water in a day should total at least 96 oz.).
3) Consume omega-3 fatty acids (1/8-1/4 cup of chia or flax seed per day).
4) 96 oz of water in a day at least.
The more raw food consumed the faster the weight loss.

Exercise for Rapid Weight Loss
For rapid weight loss your cardio should be ideally in intervals - like a sprint for 30-60 seconds till exhausted and then jog 30-60 seconds to recover. Thirty minutes of this type of aerobics burns as much calories as 2-4 hours of steady state aerobic exercise.

Strength Training for Rapid Weight Loss
Interval training using different exercises involving different muscles to exhaustion for 30-60 seconds non-stop. Going from one exercise and muscle group to another without stopping. Calisthenics using body weight, like a push-up, are the best exercises versus a machine. Machines are not as effective as a free weights.

Diet for Muscle Building
The diet is similar in the raw vegetable and food intake, but you want to add 50% of your body weight in grams of plant protein - beans, legumes, whole grains, pastas. Actually any unprocessed plant foods that are calorie dense whole foods.  If trying to gain muscle mass you have to really "push" yourself to eat these other plant foods to almost an uncomfortable fullness every time you eat.

Strength Training To Build Muscle
Use the big muscle groups in exercises like bench, rows and squats. You want to go to muscle failure to cause microtrauma to the muscle. Ideally you want to exercise in a pyramid fashion to exhaustion. You start at a lower weight and go to exhaustion. Then you increase your weight doing less and less repetitions to exhaustion. Then when you can do no more weight or just 1-2 repetitions you start going down in weight with increasing repetitions until you get to your starting weight.

Vegan Body Building Compared To Animal Food Consuming Body Builders
In the "natural" body building world vegans are equal to, if not doing better competitive wise. In the steroid filled professional body building world it is not known how vegan body builders are doing.

Health of Vegan Body Builders Versus Animal Consuming Body Builders
It would be expected that vegan body builders would be healthier but there is little data to make a clear comment or statement.

Thomas did note that he needed half the amount of protein to build muscle when doing it as a vegan body builder versus than when he was body building using animal products.

Thomas Tadlock holds a master's degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, 8 national certifications, is a master trainer and body transformation expert, and is currently the host of the Vegan Body Revolution show. For information about Thomas's programs, CD, videos and other self-help products go to SmoothieShred.com

Highly recommended reading: "Goodbye Lupus: How A Medical Doctor Cured Herself Naturally with Supermarket Foods" by Brook Goldner, MD

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