Simplest Diabetic Prevention Suggestion....Drink Water!

In 138 adults from Southwest and Southeast England increased plain water intake was significantly associated with a reduction in type 2 diabetes risk,  and for every 240-mL cup of water consumed per day, the type 2 diabetes risk score was reduced by 0.72 points. The authors conclude that increasing plain water intake is a simple and cost-effective dietary modification. “Higher plain water intake is associated with lower type 2 diabetes risk: a cross-sectional study in humans.” Nutr Res. 2015 Oct;35(10): 865-72. 51281 Dr. Angeliki Papadaki, Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences, University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

Kirk's Comment: My guess is that increased water consumption reduces diabetic risk in four ways: 1) Since water is 60-65% of our body we need to consume it frequently to allow us to function properly. 2) Water consumption replaces harmful fluid intake that might lead to obesity or effect sugar control such as sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages and high calorie coffee drinks (which are really high calorie desserts!). 3) Water intake dilutes calories from solid food intake that gives us a sense of fullness without the calories (like a bowl of vegetable soup) and 4) Water consumers probably live healthier lifestyles and control their blood sugars and weight better reducing diabetes risk.

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