What An Interventional Cardiologist Says About Diet, Exercise and Heart Disease...

What An Interventional Cardiologist Says About Plant-Based Nutrition, Exercise and Heart Disease (podcast, 15:50 min)   Kirk’s video overview of Dr. Shenkman’s interview (2:40 min)   

Heather Shenkman, MD is a vegan cardiologist who practices interventional cardiology doing lifesaving procedures such as stents and angioplasties.
While she believes whole food plant-based nutrition is the only proven diet to reverse plaque (heart disease) she personally meets patients where they are with their nutrition knowledge and their current lifestyle.

Dr. Shenkman introduces whole food plant-based nutrition to her patients where she can in the limited time she has with her patients. She finds the Vegetarian Starter Kit from PCRM.org very helpful in getting people get started on plant-based nutrition, and also recommends that her patients see the documentary “Forks Over Knives.”

Dr. Shenkman has been a vegetarian since high school because of her passion not to harm animals for food consumption.

Dr. Shenkman is an avid exerciser and loves to compete in endurance events. Dr. Shenkman feels that plant-based nutrition helps her recover quicker compared to most of her competition.

Dr. Shenkman also has her own health oriented blog the “Vegan Heart Doc”.

Heather Shenkman, MD, sees patients at Lakeside Medical, Burbank — Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 191 South Buena Vista Street, Suite 400 Burbank CA 91505, and Mission Hills — Tuesday and Friday, 14901 Rinaldi Street, Ste 201 Mission Hills, CA 91345(818) 848-0023


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