Good Bye Chronic Disease! Hello Amazing Health and Fitness!

I spent a weekend in Las Vegas with Brooke Goldner, MD, a medical doctor who cured herself of life threatening Lupus with supermarket foods, and who shared multiple case studies of chronic disease reversal, other than Lupus, following her program.

Her husband, body transformation specialist, Thomas Tadlock, MS. showed us how to transform our bodies by enhancing body metabolism through diet and exercise, and, emphasized that calorie counting just doesn't work, and gave multiple examples of weight loss when people were stuck doing calorie reduction weight loss only. He also showed what are the best exercise regimens for weight loss and for muscle building.

Both Brooke and Thomas are the "REAL" deal and I recommend anyone take their program (s) or use their educational products. They are practical, compassionate, knowledgeable and you GET RESULTS!

For me, listening to the (practical) biochemistry of manipulating arachidonic metabolism (the fatty acid pathway that leads to the inflammatory compounds that are involved in almost every chronic disease plaguing modern society) made perfect sense and a few "light bulbs" went off of why flax seed (and chia) may work while many health professionals say they don't to reduce inflammation (discussion for another time - you'll have to trust me on this one!).

Here are their six simple steps to "hyper-nourishing" your body and for disease reversal. Some of you think you are doing most of these simple things, but I can assure you you are probably not doing them to the exact detail that Brooke and Thomas suggest for maximal healing and body transformation. BUT THEIR APPROACH IS SIMPLE!:

Just DO IT! Stop messing around!

1) Avoid animal products (yes that includes eggs and dairy foods, not just meats) 2) Avoid added oils (yes that includes "triple" EXtra virgin olive oil and coconut oils!) 3) Avoid processed foods - seems simple enough - but unless you are eating a food in the form it came out of the ground it is a processed food.

1) Eat 70% of your diet as raw vegetables (mostly greens)! - Smoothies or salads.
2) Consume 1/4-1/2 cup of flax seeds (or chia) per day (NOT FLAX OIL) can be blended in
your smoothie or chewed up in your salad. You are welcome to grind it fresh and throw it in your smoothie but it isn't necessary with a high speed blender like a Vitamix. I was skeptical - I always recommended grinding it first but I have drank enough smoothies over the last two months that I am convinced with a Vitamix, or equivalent power blender, that you are not going to have whole flax seed go right through you!
3) Increase your water intake to a total of 96 oz per day (that includes your smoothie

(Watch me here create a Hyper-Nourishing Smoothie!)

In short, if you want to lose weight and get fit quicker do interval training - example
do any aerobic exercise that doesn't hurt you for 15 seconds as hard as you can, then
go at a slower resting pace for 45 seconds (there are other time variations but this
basic one works) then repeat cycles for 15-30 minutes daily if you want fast results. Do
resistance training daily if your body allows you using 3 major muscle groups - 1) squat
type exercise2) pulling exercise and 3) pushing exercise with your arms. There is more
but that's a start.


Why this program works so well and quickly is that all at once....
1) Your are starving the pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid (AA) pathway that is fueled by the fatty acid arachidonic acid found preformed in meat, egg and dairy fat, and made by vegetable oils (linoleic acid - LA), and trans fats found in processed foods and vegetable oils; 2) at the same time you are enhancing the "anti-inflammatory" pathway, the omega 3 side, that leads to anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce inflammation; 3) enhancing the conversion, via the enzyme delta 6 desaturase, of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) from flax seed (and chia) to EPA and DHA which go onto to make these anti-inflammatory compounds (eicosanoids). 4) In addition, you are hyper-nourishing your body with the most nutrient dense foods, green leafy vegetables, at the same time providing your body with copious amounts of water to make all the chemical reactions work in your favor to enhance metabolism, reduce inflammation and support healing.

Even if I was a bit off with some of my explanations their program works. Their repeated positive clinical results from case studies are consistent. You have nothing to lose except unwanted weight, fatigue, body pain and mental the label of whatever chronic disease you have.

Now most of you know me know and I don't BS and I don't make a nickel by telling you to follow
Thomas's and Brooke's program. I just want my patients, and whoever the heck is listening, to get well, and we, as a society, get rid of these stupid, preventable chronic diseases that account for 86% of our enormous health care budget (about $15 out of every $100 our country produces goes to chronic diseases)....Furthermore, I wouldn't be sitting in a Starbucks typing my brains out on a Sunday afternoon with the work-week looming if I didn't think sharing this information wasn't very important and potentially life changing for people (i.e. I'd be in the gym, salsa dancing, stretching in sun, driving to the city to see my grand children, or hell maybe take a nap!).

1) Sign-up for Brooke's and Thomas's next 28 Day SmoothieShred challenge at (and/or do this - have 64 oz of smoothie 75% PACKED greens/25% fruit, at least 1/4 cup of flax seed, water up to the fruit line and blend for 28 days). Get that 64 oz done throughout the day. You don't have to do it all at once. You will learn a lot from the videos that are for free at after you sign-up and you join their facebook group.
2) Go to and go to
and if there is a program or product that resonates with you get it and DO IT!

Got to well talk soon! (Going to try and learn more of a Tai Chi set taught to me by sage "Captain Carrot!":-))!)

Oops! Almost forgot! I highly recommend you listen to my podcast with Brooke -
"Reversing Lupus and Other Bad Diseases by Diet: How A Medical Doctor Cured Herself
and Is Helping Others Reverse Their Illnesses Naturally with Supermarket Foods!"
- I would also
recommend her short but valuable book "Goodbye Lupus" if you ave ANY CHRONIC
DISEASE (see link with podcast).

Be and Stay Well,


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