My Dry Eyes Are Gone! Flax Seeds? Greens? Water?

Six or 7 years ago I had a gut infection and about month later I had an episode of what I believe was a version of Reiter's Syndrome....For 2 weeks I had knife-like, burning urethritis (with no sign of infection), conjunctivitis - the white parts of my eyes were extremely red and inflamed and I had a finger joint that hurt like heck. It lasted for 2 weeks then went away. The belief is some bug with that gut infection triggered an immune response that caused those symptoms.

The residual was that I had dry eyes for several months or so and used "liquid tears" which helped when I went to bed. But eventually it only effected my right eye in the morning. Every time I would be "allergic", eat sugar, eat too much processed carbs or drink alcohol...a drink or two...I would wake up with my right eye sore, dry and have to blink about a million times to get the moisture back. It was annoying but a great barometer of me not eating well when it occurred. I told my ophthalmologist that every time I drink or eat junk I wake up in the morning with a dryer right eye that is kind-of stuck shut. He thought I was a bit off...

The other thing I notice with the eye was periodically when I would treat myself with and anti-fungal the dry eye would not be as severe and I could tolerate a drink or two a couple of times per week with no problem. But it would not last....Darn it! :-))

So actually my right eye is really my friend because it tells me when I push my balance too far and need to clean up my diet. It it/was very sensitive!

Over the years I have tried regular fish oil and plant-based DHA-EPA to help the eyes and general inflammation but neither helped my dry right eye in the mornings. I even tried a weak attempt to add flax in my oatmeal but I didn't do it very long and I thought I was sensitive to the flax seed. Just didn't feel right putting a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seed into my oatmeal.

So over the last 6-8 weeks, and since I have interviewed Dr. Brooke Goldner on the topic (and her book) "Good-Bye Lupus", and taken Brooke's and Thomas's workshop, I have been doing a large green smoothie daily, probably close to 65-70 ounces per day of the 75% packed greens, 25% fruit, and 1/4-1/2 cup of flax seed or chia, and a 96 oz of water daily. Plus my regular mostly plant based diet.

I just noticed about a week ago that I have no dry eyes AT ALL and 3-4 x per week over the last two-three weeks I have had 1-2 beers which would normally bring on the dry eye instantly the next morning, plus a bit of fuzziness.

So it could be the mass infusions of flax daily finally is shifting my fatty acid balance to a more anti-inflammatory state; it could be more water because I am drinking much more !; and it could be because I am definitely eating more greens, though I ate a fair amount before.

Along this same line my aunt who has been doing the smoothie regimen for several months just told me she had reduced and even stopped using her liquid tears for her dry eyes because she didn't need them anymore.

Here are some interesting "side effects" from this kind of smoothie regimen:

1) It immediately picks me up. I can feel it. A gentle aliveness.
2) It has reduced my overall craving for junk.
3) I actually look forward to making it and drinking it in the morning or evening.

So I encourage you if you have any inflammatory condition to:

1) Listen to my interview with Brooke Goldner, MD on "Good Bye Lupus"

2) Get her book "Good-Bye Lupus" It is really 60 pages or so of excellent practical
anti-inflammatory information that can be applied to virtually any inflammatory

3) At least sign up for Brooke's and Thomas's next SmoothieShred Challenge FREE on facebook.  I know almost all of you who complete the 28 days just doing this particular type of smoothie (64 oz 75% green/25% flax/chia, 1/4 cup flax smoothie with a total of 96 oz or more of water will experience something very beneficial to your health. 

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