Good-Bye Inflammation! How A Medical Doctor Reverses Chronic Diseases with Smoothies, Water and Omega-3s!

Good-Bye Inflammation! How A Medical Doctor Reverses Chronic Diseases With A Hyper-Nourishing Diet Plan (33:27 min) Kirk's overview video of his interview with Dr. Brooke Goldner (4:44 min)   Starting September 5, 2016 - Take Dr. Goldner's FREE "28 Day SmoothieSHRED Challenge"!

Dr. Brooke Goldner, a board certified psychiatrist, shares how she and her husband, Thomas Tadlock, MS, while developing a program for her to rapidly transform her body, "accidently" created a powerful self-healing program that cured her life-threatening autoimmune illness, Lupus Erythematosus of 12 years. After getting off all medications, normalizing all her laboratory chemistries, becoming symptom-free, feeling great, and then have two children, Dr. Goldner and her husband new that this program was much more than a body transformation vehicle, but a powerful tool to help people heal from serious health conditions by hyper-nourishing the body and reducing lifestyle practices that increased inflammation.

In this interview and in her book ("Good-Bye Lupus"), Dr. Goldner reviews the Six Steps she and her husband recommend and coach people on that lead to powerful healing of not just autoimmune diseases like Lupus and MS, but to common chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, chronic pain, obesity, mood disorders and more. These key six steps which lead to hyper-nourishment and real healing include 1) Elimination of Animal Products 2) Elimination of Added Oils 3) Elimination of Processed Foods 4) Hyper-Nourishment with Raw Plant Foods 5) Consume Omega-3s Every Day and 6) Consume Lots of Water Daily.

The program is simple, but by doing these steps in the exact manner has recommended one is providing the body with an excess of healing nutrients while at the same time reducing inflammation by "starving" the omega-6 pathway that leads to chronic inflammation and "feeding" the pathway the promotes "anti-inflammation" which allows the body to heal virtually all chronic diseases.

Dr. Goldner reviews multiple case studies of remarkable healing of serious conditions by individuals following the simple but powerful plan.

Dr. Goldner's energy, compassion, knowledge and clarity of living her life's purpose of helping others to achieve healing and optimal health is infectious and inspiring in this podcast.

I highly recommend also listening to her first podcast, "Reversing Lupus and Other Bad Diseases by Diet: How A Medical Doctor Cured Herself and Is Helping Others Reverse Their Illnesses Naturally with Supermarket Foods!" where you can hear her wonderful and powerful story of self-healing from life threatening lupus erythematosus

Dr. Brooke Goldner (Dr. G.) is a psychiatrist, best-selling author, the founder of,, creator of the Hyper-nourishing Healing Protocol for Lupus Recovery, and is the author of “Goodbye Lupus” and “Green Smoothie Recipes to Kickstart Your Health and Healing.”

I highly recommended reading Dr. Goldner's book "Good-Bye Lupus", especially pages 35-65 which explain the program simply and clearly that anyone can pick this book up and help themselves immediately.

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Thomas Tadlock's programs for rapid weight loss, body transformation and muscle building (Brooke Goldner's husband and partner in developing this hypernourishing healing plan).

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