The Power of Plants on Health and the Environment!

Been traveling a bit this September for conferences every single more
to go....IV Vitamin C in Cancer and Sepsis in Kansas City this Friday and Saturday....

September 10 went to Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, NY to see how plant-based cardiologist
Dr. Ostfeld teaches his one day Cardiac Wellness Workshop
...I'm a bit crazy...just there for
the 4 hours of the work shop and came back same day...but it was worth it to see how
he taught a predominantly minority group (12 people) to reverse heart disease with a proven
plant-based diet. 

The next weekend was with 400 plus people at John McDougall, MDs 3 Day Intensive.
Very good speakers on atrial fibrillation and lifestyle, diet and heart disease, and diet and
chronic diseases. Fed 400 plus of us all plant based meals buffet style (no oil) and stuffed myself for breakfast lunch and dinner.  I wish people could experience how good the food tastes and how you really don't have to worry about the volume of food if it is 100% plant-based, unprocessed and without added oil. ....all of the lecturers who were on plant-based diets
were fit and trim... You can purchase this weekend on line & Weekend Recipes.

This past weekend (September 22-24) I was at the International Plant-Based Healthcare
Conference with 750 plus health professionals mostly. Some impressions....The plant-based
"movement" is really gaining momentum. You can feel it. The money is coming. This science is
overwhelming there of whole plant food diets reversing chronic disease, along with the
"perfect storm" of the healthcare crisis, and, the environmental crisis. The world consuming a whole-food plant-based diet is the fastest way to reverse chronic diseases and dramatically reduce green house gases and put the breaks on global warming. The protective effect of plant-based diets on the environment compared to the destructive effects of animal based diets may be the game changer.

...Also there was a contingent of 100 plus Kaiser health professionals. If they went back
to Kaiser as a collective force and got Kaiser to implement whole-food plant based
nutrition in mass, or even just to their cardiovascular patients, this would be a game-
changer. Medicine would change forever if Kaiser adopted this diet pattern as a main
therapy for all chronic disease patients (heart, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, bone
loss, Alzheimer's, etc.)...Even with all the "noise" about saturated fat being OK, grains are bad,
and everyone needing tons of olive oil, its very clear of the validity and necessity of the
world moving towards consumption of a more plant-based diet to save the planet and
our health. 

Check on my "Heart Disease Reversal" Resource Page....It is a work in progress. But
everything is on this one page to lead you to the reversal of your heart disease (and others)
with a whole-food plant based diet...IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACT! Will talk more about this

You can also take my 21 Day Healthy Living Program for Busy People for FREE without
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Lastly...This was a great 3 minute video on being happy shown to all 700 of us at the conference...Enjoy and Be Happy!

Be and Stay Well,


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