Wiping Out Chronic Disease....Saving the Environment...One Dietary Pattern...

I am with 700 plus health professionals (including 100 from Kaiser) at the International
Plant-Based Health Care Conference (day 2 )
. The research of just one of the speakers, Dr. Dean Ornish,  famous for his heart disease reversal program since 1980s, represents the power of a whole food plant-based (WFPBD) diet on reversing chronic diseases from heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, aging, prostate cancer, etc. Scroll down this link and click on the different diseases to see research on WFPBD diet's benefit....and this is just one researcher.

If this Kaiser contingent can bring back and implement this dietary pattern at Kaiser to wipe out diabetes, obesity and heart disease....it's "Katie bar the doors" to real healthcare reform....

I am going to get some very high quality guests for my podcast show next month from
this. Until then eat more whole, unprocessed plant foods and less animal foods if you
want to reverse chronic diseases, save you and the government billions of $$$$, and
probably most importantly save our environment.

Be and Stay Well,


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