How Many Studies, Dollars and Lives Will It Take Until We Change Our Diet and Reverse Chronic Diseases? We Have Known How for 30 Years....?

It took some 7000 studies for us (the public, public officials and doctors) to see that smoking is bad for us (watch this video)

The evidence for reversal of heart disease (#1 killer) by diet has been present since the late 80s early1990s.....Yet it is still the #1 killer world-wide.... Heart Reversal 1   Heart Reversal 2  Heart Reversal 3

The scientific work of Dean Ornish MD on his mostly low-fat plant-based diet over 30 years shows regression or dramatic improvement in all these conditions....HERE IS THE SCIENCE....NOT HYPE....One diet pattern significantly helps ALL these chronic conditions at once...These are the ones that are bankrupting our health care system and causing so much suffering....One simple diet pattern can reverse most....Yet we still kill ourselves with food....The evidence is there....Don't wait till you are a statistic...

Go here and click on each topic for the scientific articles

A Plant-Based Diet Can....
Anti-Aging - Telomere lengthening
Blood pressure - reduce
Cholesterol - reduce
Depression - reduce
Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes - slow and reverse
Genes - Change our genes in a beneficial way
Heart Disease - reverse
Prostate Caner - slow and reverse
Weight Loss - permanently
and more...

We don't need to have these diseases. Why wait till you are sick or .....?

The evidence is unprocessed foods, mostly plants, if not all, and it doesn't matter whose President and what "DISEASE CARE" health care system they try to implement...We won't need it!

Happy, Prosperous and HEALTHY NEW YEAR! Be and Stay Well,

Be and Stay Well,


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