Why Nuts Are A "Longevity" Food!? But Not Too Many and Keep Them Mostly Raw!

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Nuts are a longevity food. But eat them as if you found them in nature. Small amounts, unsalted or non-roasted, not more than a palm full per day (unless you are young or very athletic)! ........ I tell this story to all my patients. When I was little, a teen and younger, I would run in from playing "till I dropped" and would be starving! My mother and dad would have a pre-dinner drink in the living room. On the living room table was a wooden bowl of nuts with the shells intact and a big hand nut cracker. I would be starving, try and crack a few nuts to eat. The shells would go flying in pieces and I would be left with a small hand full of nut meal with some shells in my hand to "crunch" on. I would be disgusted because I was so hungry and got so little nuts to eat.... "contaminated" with small shell pieces no less!.... Fast forward 50 +++ years. My grand daughter can "roll" into a store (Trader Joe's, Co-op, Whole Foods, etc.) and get a big, beautiful bag of shelled nuts (which I couldn't crack in a day!) and if you want they can be salted and roasted. This is not a "natural" way to consume nuts like in nature. We would be consuming much less than cups full of raw, roasted and/or salted nuts. Try putting some salt on some dry roasted pistachios and eat just a handful?  Impossible!

Nuts are very calorie dense so in excess are not good for weight loss. A hand full of two is good for weight loss programs. Keep it to a hand full or two or raw nuts daily, and keep nuts being known as a longevity food! (READ: "Why Nuts Are A Nutritional Power House) .

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