Low Carbohydrate Diets: Understanding the Grim Long-Term Effects

The most important diet rule is simple, to eat whole intact carbs. Don't take the fiber
away from them and don't add sugar, oil and salt (SOS) to your carb. Just eat it in its
whole state.

All the Blue Zone societies, whole live the longest without chronic diseases, eat carbohydrate-rich diets...beans, whole grains, fruit...and small amounts of animal foods and usually  lots of vegetables.

Low carb diets can bring initial results because they get you off "bad carbs" loaded with
sugar, oil and salt, but are not long-term answers to chronic illness. Read this excellent
overview by the Mastering Diabetes team
on the dangers of low carb diets and the
benefits of a low fat (15% or less), whole food, carbohydrate rich diet in reversing insulin resistance and diabetes quickly. It is a simple fast read with medical references at the end if you care to do more research...

Get the processed carbs (and foods) out and don't be afraid of eating whole carbohydrate rich diets, but they must me in the context of a low fat diet (just don't eat processed foods, eat less than a palm full of animal products per day or none, and keep free oils to a minimum or try not to use them. Get your fats in the whole food). For more help on reversing diabetes go to my Diabetes Reversal Resource page HERE and  READ THIS SHORT ARTICLE.

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