Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with A Whole Food Plant Based Diet

It's "manly" to eat whole food plant based diets (WFPBD)....well if you want to keep your prostate healthy! (or just keep it!) A WFPBD may not just prevent prostate cancer but reverse it! Men should almost never have a prostatectomy for prostate cancer. See my friends at Prostate Oncology Specialists in Marina Del Rey if you have prostate cancer for the best treatment, while protecting your anatomy and function at the same time. I mean it! I send all my patients there! But watch these two videos on plant based diets preventing, slowing and even reversing prostate cancer. You want to keep your prostate stop eating so much meat and dairy products and processed carbs rich in added omega-6 oils in them. The studies in these videos are so straight forward to me it's almost mal practice not to at least give this  information to all men with prostate cancer... Hell all men getting their annual physicals. 

Video 1 - Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with Diet: Part 1

Video 2 - Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with Diet: Part 2

Prostate Oncology Specialists  

PS -  I see no reason not to recommend this same diet (WFPBD) for other hormone dependent cancers (ovarian and breast)!

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