Meat Eating, Gut Bacteria, Heart Attack Risk and TMAO Testing at Health Associates

The Cleveland Heart Lab does this test (TMAO) which I routinely do. People just can’t eat fish or take fish oil the “day before” for it to be accurate. I have done a fair amount of TMAOs and interestingly some “vegetarians (cheese eaters)” have had elevated levels as well as some meat eaters.

If you choose to eat meat (fish, eggs, dairy, poultry, etc.), which most people do you should have this test done irregardless of your other heart disease risk factors (such as cholesterol levels) to see if the TMAO is elevated. It can be added to the "Inflammation Panel" and "Omega Check" that I do from Cleveland Heart Lab. I have also found their service, Cleveland Heart Lab's, to be excellent with very reasonable pricing if you are paying cost to the patient.

Here are two short, excellent videos on TMAO and heart disease risk.
  1 minute from Cleveland Heart Lab
  6 minutes from

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