Eat Beans and Take a "Forest Bath" for Health!

These two simple longevity and wellness tips came from the Blue Zone newsletter.

THEE Anti-Aging Food - Beans!

Eat a cup of beans per day. The most consistent "anti-aging" food group consumed in all the
Blue Zones (Ikaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Okinawa, Japan; Loma
Linda, California)    Lentil Recipe       Beans

I generally get a can of organic, precooked black, white, pinto, garbanzo or kidney
beans (89-99 cents per can) and throw them on my salad, mashed in a bean dip,
mixed with rice or in a soup almost daily. Its simple. I don't soak and cook them. It's
just me so the organic, precooked canned beans work great. Start small if you have
some gas and work up. The resistant starch in beans is good for weight loss and
creating short chain fatty acids which is healing fuel for your gut health.

Kirk's Super Fast Bean Dip

Get a can of organic pinto or white beans (can be any bean). Open it and rinse off the
"Goo". Toss the beans in a bowl. Get a whole or half organic ripe avocado (use a whole
one if you want it smoother). Squeeze a lemon or lime in. 2-3 tablespoons of favorite
salsa. Any herbs and spices and mash. Either by hand or with a Cuisinart type machine.
Dip with fresh vegetables or homemade organic corn tortillas that I bake for 3-4 minutes
a side at 450... watch them and don't let them burn! Break then into small triangles and
munch away.

"Forest Bathing" for Health

Japanese "forest bathing" was encouraged by the Japanese government in 1982 to
improve one's health. I don't need a study to know this is good for people. Makes me
very happy when I see my grand children go on hikes regularly in forests or near the
ocean with their parents.   ( Video )

Go take a "forest bath" today!

Be and Stay Well,


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