Heart Disease Being Reversed in Houston Texas Hospital with Plant Food!

There is no more powerful medicine than a whole food plant-based diet for heart disease reversal. The hospital pharmacy of the future will be a whole food plant based kitchen - cafeteria. If plant-based cardiologist Baxter Montgomery can do this in the BBQ capital, Houston,Texas, in the hospital, it can be done anywhere! Watch this fabulous video of cardiologist Dr. Baxter Montgomery using plant-based nutrition in a Houston, Texas hospital! 

Go to my "Heart Disease Reversal" page at HealthyLivingforBusyPeople.com  for my resource page dedicated to patient self-help material so they/you can reverse your heart disease which inlcudes:

Research papers
Podcasts (cardiologist, surgeons and patients)
Plant-based recipes (free) online access
Plant-based cooking courses online
Plant-based restaurant App
Plant-based meals shipped to your door step
Plant-based immersion programs
Websiteson heart disease reversalby plant-based diets
Movies on plant-based nutrition reversing chronic diseases
“Quick Start” for “Heart Disease Reversal”

The Number #1 Killer in the world - heart disease - doesn't need to exist by a very simple, cost effective plant-based diet plan.

Send this link to your doctor, friends, anyone who has heart disease.

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