Your Are Invited to My "Heart-O-Betes" Reversal Plant-Based Potluck!

Come join me monthly (4th Friday - see dates & times Flyer Here) for a FREE whole food plant-based potluck with interesting topicsfocused on REVERSING Chronic Diseases
(heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. “Heart-O-Betes”).

We have the knowledge, science, experience and access to a diet pattern that can wipe the chronic diseases off the face of the earth (and protecting the earth as well) very quickly if we just put the right foods into our mouths (and move a little bit).

This short story of "Kaiser Physician “Healed Thyself” with Whole Plant-Based Foods" – is a powerful testament to exactly why I want to start an experience where people realize that “Food is the Medicine” and they can REVERSE the major killers with a proven plant-based diet. READ HIS GREAT STORY:

Reversing “Heart-O-Betes” Potluck with Simple, Whole, Unprocessed Plant-Based Foods

YOUR FREE TICKET: Send me your 1) name 2) email address and 3) very short/simple description of what oil-free, whole, plant-based food you are bringing. No more than a good plate full.


Whole-Food Plant-Based Recipes – T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (FREE)
Forks Over Knives Recipes (FREE) 

If you want to review resources to reversing anyone of the conditions below just
scroll down the page and see what resource applies to your needs

Heart Disease Reversal Resource Page

Obesity Reversal Resource Page

Diabetes Reversal Resource Page

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