Confused About Dietary Advise.... Let's Bring Some Simple Clarity!

If confused about dietary advice I think this is one of the best common sense summaries of why a mostly plant-based diet is the diet of choice. Especially Dr. McDougall's "Four of My Own Eye-opening Experiences" over 40 years of using diet therapy... Just really read those experiences...

Especially the links to:

Dr. Denis Burkitt, MD, former head of the ministries of health of Uganda, Africa...

Dr. McDougall's personal experience of caring for 5,000 Hawaiian Sugar Plantation
patients between 1973 and 1976... Read More

Walter Kempner, MD, from Duke University, "cured" obese patients and those
"nearly-dead" with failing hearts and kidneys with a diet of white rice, fruits,
fruit juice, and sugar.... READ MORE!

Nathan Pritikin, world-respected diet researcher who helped cure hundreds of
thousands of overweight, sick people.... Read More

If you really read these, you will know more than most health professionals and if you
just pay attention to food reactions....because they can happen with any food,
your risk to chronic disease will be eliminated and you will have excellent health
and vibrance.....Take time to read the logic. It will pay off!

Be and Stay Well,


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