REVERSE HEART DISEASE NOW! - Just Bring a Plant-Based Salad Ingredient!

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REVERSE HEAR DISEASE NOW! Ever wonder why heart disease plummeted in Norway (and other Allied countries) during World War II and then came back dramatically after WWII ended? I''ll give you an hint...It had to do with their sparse diet during WWII versus after it... The Nazis actually showed us how to reverse heart disease by accident... I have a slide that shows this clear as day!

It's time for my monthly "Chronic Disease Reversal" talk. The month is..... (See Flyer )

                                   "REVERSE HEART DISEASE NOW!"
Heart disease is mainly a food borne illness that need not exist. So if you would like to come for an hour  talk, Q & A and learning about resources at your fingertips to reverse yours or a loved ones heart disease please come.

I don't want to scare anyone away when I said plant-based potluck. You don't have to bring a "Plant-Based, No Oil Added" dish.... just bring one PLANT-BASED SALAD INGREDIENT and we'll throw it into the salad I am bringing! Anyone can do that!

Now if you want to bring a plant-based dish (no oil added) your are welcome to do so! Keep it Simple, Simple, Simple! :-))!

My presentation lasts an hour, but I will stay as long as people have questions. I did this same talk at LA BIOMED where I spend my Wednesdays at the Diagnostic and Wellness Center (Torrance, LA) and people stayed a half hour asking questions. It's my favorite part! So bring lots of them! A presentation's information means nothing if it isn't relevant and usable for those who come!

My goal for everyone coming is that "if you want to", you will now how to access information and support at your fingertips so you can REVERSE your heart disease!  The most important things is to feel support in a way of eating that will reverse your disease!

Just email me if you are coming. Look forward to your questions, sharing information and a bit of food. Friends outside the practice are very welcome to come.

(If you are in LA you can make a free consult with me at the Diagnostic and Wellness Center, Torrance, CA on "Wednesdays" at THIS LINK )

Hope to see some of you (and friends) Sacramento "Locals" this Friday, February 16, 2018 at Health Associates Medical Group at 6:00 p.m. 3301 Alta Arden Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95819

Be and Stay Well,

P.S. Those of you with heart disease of any kind go to THIS LINK   and click on the "Heart Disease" tab and you will have many "heart disease reversing" resources at your finger tips!

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