To "Mammogram or NOT to Mammogram" That Is The Question?

The following links to Dr. Greger's review of mammograms, breast cancer screening and treatment is an invaluable review and should be shared with every female struggling with how to screen for breast cancer.  Watch Video 

Should women start getting mammograms at age 40? Should they do self-breast exams (No!)? Mammograms at 50 and every other year? Maybe!... Why not focus on heart disease the #1 killer of women instead of breast cancer? Watch Video

Do mammograms really save lives? Overall mortality - death from breast cancer, has not shown to be reduced! Though 1 in a 1000 may be saved by mammography more may die from over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment (2-10 over-treated)! Screening may increase the likelihood of an unnecessary mastectomy! Watch Video

Is there a problem with over-treatment with false positives with breast cancer? Yes! American radiologists may be afraid of being sued and "over-diagnose" breast cancer... Watch Video

Why are there conflicting mammogram screening guidelines? Is it because of professional self-interest? Economic self-interest? Provided the evidence should women then have the right to be screened or not screened? Yes... Watch Video

Understanding the mammogram paradox? Is over-diagnosis of breast cancer a greater health risk than the cancer itself...probably! Radiation for breast cancer increases heart disease risk the number 1 killer in women anyway! But the same diet that reverses heart disease is the same diet that reduced breast cancer risk! Watch Video

Yes women deserve to know the truth about breast cancer! Watch Video

Over-treatment of Stage 0 Breast Cancer DCIS?... 10 year survival of those treated with mastectomy or lumpectomy for DCIS versus NO TREATMENT was NO DIFFERENT! Avoiding over-diagnosis of breast cancer (and treatment) is not to get screened at all by mammograms or self-breast checks! Watch Video

Why do women not know that screening for breast cancer may be more risky because of over-diagnosis and treatment of questionable breast cancer????? Are they being told that radiation may increase the risk of heart disease by 25%?! Lung cancer by 50%?! Watch Video

The approach to breast cancer should be like prostate cancer in my opinion. I believe very strongly in the PSA test (prostatic specific antigen) and annual prostate exams (digital rectal exams). Then if an elevated or a specific irregularity is noted upon prostate exam one can get a color Doppler ultrasound by a skilled clinician or a prostate MRI. Then and only then get a "guided biopsy" with the ultrasound or MRI if there is a suspicious lesion to reduce the amount of biopsy "pokes or stabs" from the shotgun 12 samples to 2-4 maximum guided samples. Then there is an actual standard medical treatment for low grade prostate cancer, which is called "Watchful Waiting" or "Active Surveillance" where the patient is followed with non-invasive type testing as mentioned above (or minimal biopsies) AND they are screened for heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes with appropriate LIFESTYLE MEDICINE PRACTICES - diet and exercise are recommended to reduce the risk of the above, including the prostate cancer, reducing unnecessary treatment (and pain, suffering and medical expense). That is why I send ALL MY prostate cancer patients for at least a 1 time visit to Prostate Oncology Specialists so they can be accessed in this fashion and treated with the least amount of invasive therapy which many times is "Watchful Waiting" with chronic disease screening and lifestyle change! And for men the Dean Ornish diet that is low fat plant based that has been proven to reverse heart disease has also been used successfully to treat low grade prostate cancer. Ornish Prostate Article   Since prostate and breast cancer are hormone responsive cancers the same diet would be very reasonable to apply to breast cancer.  

For women the breast cancer journey is not yet there unfortunately! BUT the bottom line is the same diet that reverses the number one killer in women - is same diet that will reduce breast cancer risk significantly.... A whole food plant based diet!

Share this link with your female friends and relatives. It could easily save their lives. Dr. Greger has done a great service putting these excellent educational and factual videos together!

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