Alzheimer's Disease Prevention and Reversal...Is It Possible? Yes and Sometimes!

As I was updating my talk on "Alzheimer's Prevention and Reversal. Is It Possible?" for next week (Wednesday, 6:00 pm, 3/14/18, LA BioMed, CDCRC Bldg. 1124 W. Carson, Torrance, CA 310-803-5657 or and Friday, 6:00 p.m. 3/16/18, Health Associates, 3301 Alta Arden, #3 Sacramento, CA - with plant-based potluck there) I came across an interview with Dan Buettner ( and Mariva Shriver on this very topic of Alzheimer's, longevity and being happy. It is excellent but there is much more to share. (Summary and Video)

The bottom line is Alzheimer's is a lifestyle disease and many of the causes are the same as heart disease, diabetes, etc.. The BIG difference is we have technology to "temporarily" fix the "plumbing and wiring" needed to at least keep people functional with heart disease and diabetes (not the best approaches) even in mid to late stages of these diseases, BUT with Alzheimer's disease, which is a process developing over 20 years or so, if it gets to a certain level, there are ways to approach it, but it is so overwhelming for the family and caretakers, that even if there are valid integrative therapies beyond aggressive lifestyle change like hormones, nutrients, detoxification of environmental toxins, etc. the family/support people do not the energy and resources to "plug those holes".... You must start RIGHT NOW with EXERCISE; a whole-food, unprocessed mostly plant-based diet; SLEEP; community & family; a sense of purpose; continued learning; and avoidance of environmental toxins. The beauty is that everything the prevents heart disease, diabetes, etc. also helps prevent Alzheimer's. BUT start now! Go to this link for my podcasts, scientific papers and the THREE BOOKS I highly recommend you start reading NOW. 70-80%ish the books agree. We can talk about the differences at the talks. BUT get all three and read them (The End of Alzheimer's, The Alzheimer's Solution and Diet for the MIND). Go to my "Alzheimer's Prevention and Reversal" resource page where all the links to articles, podcasts and books are.

I hope to see you at one of these talks! If you are coming to the Sacramento talk bring a "plant" ingredient for a big salad or a whole-food plant-based dish.

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