Mold, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), Damaging to Your Brain and Causes Chronic Immune and Inflammation Problems...

Mold can aggravate or cause a wide range of symptoms - including cognitive decline and Alzheimer's. Here, Dr. Carnahan who I have interviewed on the above topic, talks about how mold is a major cause of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), a big term, but really means a chronic aggravation of our immune system which can create chronic inflammation and a wide variety of destructive health problems. Mold toxicity is not difficult to diagnose or treat really, the hardest part is finding and correcting the exposure.... That is the biggest and most difficult problem and most frustrating for me in trying to help patients. I have learned and am learning the hard way by doing work on my own home. I understand it better, but there is no perfect
approach yet.

Read this excellent blog by Dr. Carnahan and also listen to my podcasts with  Dr. Carnahan and Dr. Hausman Cohen on this subject. It effects many though controversial. 

Dr. Carnahan Interview  

Dr. Hausman-Cohen Interview

Dr. Shoemakers excellent site on Mold Illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome  

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