Legumes....Beans, Lentils and Peas Are "Super Foods" for For Your Blood Vessels!

"Eating Beans Reduces High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Peripheral Vascular
Disease (blood flow to your legs and arms)"... Do what all the longest living people
in the world due (Blue Zones - Ikaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Nicoya,
Costa Rica; Loma Linda, California). No matter what "Noise" you hear from nutrition
experts beans are good food you. They remind of my Lyft and Uber rides....They are
a "Win Win" for the me (the consumer)... They are cheap, great for your health,
accessible anywhere, and you just feel like you got a great deal when you use (eat)
them! If you feel you react to one type of bean start with small quantities or try and
different kind of legume (beans, lentils, peas, etc.). Great health does not have to be
expensive and high tech! Throw beans on a salad, in a soup, or make your own personal
hummus...you can't go wrong!   (Watch Video on Benefit of Beans)
Beans as Longevity Food
Resources at Your "Finger Tips" to Reverse Heart Disease

Be and Stay Well,


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