Finding Your Ikigai - The Key to a Long, Happy and Healthful Life!

One of my deepest passions ("Ikigai" see below) is to share with people simple, proven ways to not only extend the length of their lives, but to increase the quality, purpose, function and disease-free periods in their lives. You know I am a "Blue Zones" fan because...while I love nutrition and prevention research, and spend a great deal of my life looking through it, I give more credence to learning from people who live long functional lives, which is what the "Blue Zone" populations are all about.

While I recommend in my practice "plant-slanted" diets, exercise, stress management, nutraceuticals, hormones, environmental clean-up and do lots of sophisticated nutritional testing - what is more important is paying attention to how the longest, happiest, most functional people live and incorporating those principles in our busy modern lives. That is why studying one of the Blues Zones, Loma Linda, CA, is so important. This is 60 miles from downtown LA... in the "heart of the beast" so-to-speak. So you don't have to travel to a far away Blue Zones isolated from the rest of the world to find examples of long living people.

So just read these short "Blue Zone" pearls...The "Low Tech" way to health and longevity.

Watch this excellent short 4 minute video on Longevity by Dan Buettener, creator of the Blue Zones.  Video

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When you add a strong sense of daily purpose to a healthy lifestyle now you have the recipe for a really long and wonderful life. In Okinawa, Japan they call this... (Ikigai - "the reason for being - the thing that gets you up in the morning")

This two minute video on "Ikigai" "the reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the mornging" in Japan is wonderful!...pretty funny though ends up being a Nescafe ad.... good for them! Spreading some good message!

The 10 Laws of Ikigai (3 minutes)

You are in charge with most of your disease and longevity...." Just Do It!":-)!

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