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I was preparing my handout for my “Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline Prevention and Reversal” talk at LABIOMED this Wednesday (6:00 p.m., 1124 West Carson, Torrance, CA – 310-803-5657 RSVP) and wanted to make it available to everyone. Here is the 10 page PDF of resources from my 3 favorite books and author/researchers on the subject (“Diet for the Mind”, Martha Morris, PhD; “The Alzheimer’s Solution” Dean and Ayesha Shirzai, MDs; and “The End of Alzheimer’s Disease”, Dale Bredesen, MD).

This handout is incredibly extensive. Use it in combination with my website where there is links to books, research papers, podcasts and websites on the subject of prevention and reversal of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease made for easy access (just click on the links).

There is much hope in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. While it seems like there is no effective drug treatments, that does not mean this condition cannot be prevented and in some cases reversed. If you read the handout; resources on this page; read these 3 books you will know that we can turn back this epidemic of cognitive decline. But you must act.

If I had to pick out 1 thing to tell people to do for their mind/memory…… it would be to exercise vigorously for 1 hour daily….

If I could only get you to do one dietary habit….eat no processed carbohydrates – only whole carbohydrates. (2nd would be to decrease saturated fat intake – meat…)

If I could get you to follow one lifestyle plan – Follow the NEURO Plan in the “Alzheimer’s Solution” and join: Team Sherzai

If a loved one had Alzheimer’s – but had the right team (physician, family support, insurance/or economic where-with-all, health coach, in home assistance, etc.) then I would do the Bredesen Protocol (The End of Alzheimer’s).

Unlike the all other chronic diseases – heart/cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone loss, eye disorders, obesity, arthritis, etc. you can “buy time” with medical interventions (i.e. drugs, surgeries,etc.) to extend life, maybe not the quality, but you can extend life. And if a person said “OK I am going to reverse my heart disease now and do the diet you told me to do” it can be done at a very late stage and be successful. Same with diabetes. But in Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline there is no grace period. There is no medical therapy that extends the window of when you can try. Once a person slides to a certain point of cognitive decline you can know all the biochemistry and environment that is imbalanced, and the lifestyle (diet and exercise) that is off, but then it is up to the family/support people to do EVERYTHING for the patient (right foods, exercise, take supplements, hormones, medications, correct toxic environment etc.) and it gets too overwhelming and it doesn’t even get attempted and the patient has to have extensive home care or goes into a facility for “whare-housing”. Sound brutal it is! I have experienced this personally on several occasions from the practitioner end.

That is why I really plead with you DON’T WAIT. Start at least the NEURO Plan Now! It is all at your fingertips! One click away!

Website Resources: Alzheimer’s Prevention and Reversal Resource Page

Handout: Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline Prevention and Reversal Handout

You are in charge with most of your disease and longevity...." Just Do It!":-)!

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