Rice and Beans are Super Foods for Health and Longevity!

Rice and beans have been used for millennia by cultures without epidemics of obesity and without “carb phobia”. They have provided cheap, healthful and effective nutrition and energy for billions of people. The key to eating a carbohydrate rich diet and being healthy, like most Blue Zone cultures around the world eat (cultures that live into their 90s and 100s without chronic disease), is to try and eat carbohydrates in their whole state as possible (i.e. whole grains, beans, peas, lentils, yams, sweet potatoes, whole potatoes, squash, with as little added oils and animal foods as possible. If you eat a high meat-fat diet along with processed carbohydrates that have added sugars and oils in them (muffins, cakes, crackers, chips, most breads, pastries, etc.) you are getting a ton of sugar and fat along with your carbohydrate source which can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity and poor health. So keep it simple. Eat the carbohydrate in its whole state as possible, with minimal added oils, sugars and animal foods, if any, and add tons of vegetables or combine good carbs like beans and rice. White rice did not lead to obesity in cultures until those cultures started eating more meat (animal foods), fat and added sugars. White rice and vegetables doesn’t make you fat. Meats, oil, dairy foods and white rice make you fat!

Enjoy and save money! Rice and beans are cheap!

Mexican Style Bean and Rice Casserole

Ethopian Wild Rice

Green Chile Rice with Black Beans

Burritos with Spanish Rice and Black Beans

Costa Rican Rice and Beans (Gallo Pinto)

Rice Bowls with Kidney Beans, Spinach, and Mixed Veggies

Mexican Rice Soup

Enjoy. Keep it simple, healthy and cheap!

Be and Stay Well,


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