Replacing the Cholesterol Theory of Heart Disease with the LPS Theory of Coronary Artery Disease

Replacing the “Cholesterol Theory of Atherosclerosis” with the “Low Level Endotoxemia Theory of Coronary Artery Disease” – An Interview with Jeffrey Dach, MD (Podcast: Listen Here) Kirk's Video Overview of Interview with Jeffrey Dach, MD (6:36 min) Kirk's Heart Disease Reversal Resource page  “Reverse Heart Disease Now!” – “Quick Start”  

Dr. Jeffrey Dach, MD has a passion to share his belief that coronary artery disease is not caused by cholesterol but by the “Low Level Endotoxemia LPS Theory of Coronary Artery Disease” which has an inflammatory etiology caused by an underlying infection (s) (infected biofilm)  from possibly the mouth or leaky gut or other body source. His most fundamental premise is that the cholesterol hypothesis is wrong and therefore cholesterol lowering agents are ineffective and possibly can do some harm. Statin drug utilization may only have benefit in those with established coronary artery disease, but it may only be of partial benefit because of its pleiotropic effects (i.e. anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, etc.) and not by it’s cholesterol lowering effects.

The best assessment tool for evaluating coronary artery disease, its progression and risk for future cardiovascular events is not following LDL cholesterol or other lipid levels and treating with subsequent statin or other lipid lowering therapies, but it is with yearly coronary calcium scoring by computer tomography (CT or CAC Scoring) which has the radiation exposure approximately equal to a mammogram. The goal is to have less than a 15% calcium score increase per year (there are some anecdotal cases of regression). This is associated with a significantly reduced risk of a future coronary event. A zero calcium score at baseline would suggest no statin or lipid lowering treatment no matter what cholesterol level one has. A calcified plaque progression of greater than 15% is suggestive of significant cardiac risk and more aggressive therapies would be needed to slow plaque progression or possibly reverse it.

Dr. Dach’s approach to preventing, stopping or possibly reversing the calcified plaque is to use the coronary calcium score by cardiac CT and not use lipid levels as the indicator on how aggressively to treat coronary artery disease, follow it’s progression or estimate one’s current risk of a coronary event.

Treatment Modalities for Treating Coronary Artery Disease from the “Low Level Endotoxemia LPS Theory of Coronary Artery Disease”

Use yearly coronary calcium scoring by cardiac CT to follow plaque progression which should stay under 15% growth yearly (amount of radiation exposure equal to mammogram, cost $100-200 cash)

The beneficial pleotropic effects of statin drugs can be more effectively replicated, without the adverse effects of statins, by using the combined modalities of diet, lifestyle modification and supplements used by integrative medicine practitioners.  Here is one such list of items (half way down page).  There are others.

Treatment Approaches To Coronary Artery Disease
Source: “Heart Book” by Jeffrey Dach, MD (HB)

Aged Garlic – Allicin (HB, 57-69)
Blood Sugar control
Botanicals for NFKB
Diet and Lifestyle (“Heart Book (HB)”, pages 131-136)
Essential Phospholipid IV (1/2 way down the page, Plaquex read here )
Fibrinolytic Enzymes
Leaky Gut (Eliminate wheat (HB, 128-130) & food elimination,
berberine (shrinks tight junctions) avoid
NSAID (HB, 119-124)?
Optimize Hormones (estrogen beneficial for heart health (HB,183-198, testosterone not harmful, probably beneficial (HB, 207-250, thyroid optimization (HB, 199-206)
Lipoprotein(a) ?
Tocotrienols Vit E 200 mg/d (HB, 95-106)
Vitamin C (Linus Pauling Protocol: vitamin C 5-6 gms/d, lysine 5 gms/d, proline, 2-3 gms/d, (HB, 81-94)
Vitamin D3
Vitamin K2 – MK7 (HB, 71-79)

Jeffrey Dach, MD is Board Certified in Vascular and Interventional Radiology who now practice integrative medicine using nutrition, dietary supplements, hormones and lifestyle change to treat patients in an outpatient setting in Davie, Florida. You may contact Dr. Jeffrey Dach at 7450 Griffin Road, Suite 190, Davie, Florida 33314  telephone 954-792-4663 or click here to email a message.  You may purchase his book “Heart Book” online Here.

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