You Can Reverse Rheumatoid Arthrtis by Diet - Two Case Studies

Over the last several years I have listened to multiple physicians at conferences tell their stories of "curing" themselves of autoimmune illness with whole food plant based diets (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc.). Haven't had a chance to interview Monica Aggarwal, MD but she is a plant-based cardiologist who heard recently at a conference who did it. Here story is inspiring. It's not only about getting off of offending foods (dairy, meats, eggs, wheat, junk carbs etc.) and eating more nutrient dense plant foods but it's also about getting your life under control stress wise. Here is Dr. Aggarwal's inspiring story as well as Erika Cline's story a young 28 year old with severe rheumatoid arthritis, brain fog, numbness, dizziness, anemia and chronic fatigue who reversed her rheumatoid arthritis in a 1-2 year period.

But we've known doing fasting then proceeding to a low allergy plant based (vegan) diet has reversed RA symptoms for years. You can apply this same approach to any autoimmune illness and for that matter any chronic pain syndrome, especially if related to joints.

Monica Aggarwal, MD, Cardiologist’s Story

Erika Cline's Story

Fasting and Vegetarian Diet Benefits RA Ref 1 2

Kirk's Basic Elimination Diet (page 2) - Can help WITHOUT going completely plant-based

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