Kirk Hamilton's Interview With Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on Reversing His Diabetes and Neuropathy Fast! And Transforming Healthcare in New York City

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Eric Adams is currently the President of the Brooklyn Borough, one of five Boroughs in New York City containing 2.6 million people. This elected position is equivalent to a countyexecutive. He is a former New York City police officer and was a New York State Senator for 7 years. As a NYC police officer, he was very active in building relationships between the community and police officers. He became a special assignment police officer then was promoted to sergeant, lieutenant and eventually retired as a captain.

Health Journey
In his jobs from police officer, to state senator and then President of the Brooklyn Borough his diet and lifestyle habits were very poor living a very busy and stressful life eating sugary, high fat and highly processed foods. He never equated his poor health habits to the medical problems he had.  

While traveling in Dubai he developed a stationary abdominal pain that concerned him enough to be evaluated when returning the United States fearing colon cancer which had affected a friend. After a colonoscopy and endoscopy, he was found to have a small ulcer but his doctor said he had a much bigger problem... of out-of-control diabetes which he had no awareness of.

Health Problems
Along with the ulcer and extreme diabetes he had elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, vision loss in loss in his left eye and was losing sight in his right eye, numbness (neuropathy) in his hands, feet and right thigh and he was overweight. Though he states looking from the outside he looked to be in good shape.

Doctors Recommendations
Because of his position he had seen some (five) of the best and most credentialed doctors in New York City all saying essentially the same things; his diabetes was very severe (one physician said he should have been in a coma); he had to be put on medication (two) and insulin right away; his condition with medical treatment might blunt or slow some of the disease’s side effects but it was hereditary (mother and sisters had diabetes) and the diabetes and side effects would progress. Not one of the physicians he saw said anything about nutrition and food.  

Taking “Disease Reversing” Action
He could not accept the physicians’ statements that her would be on medication the rest of his life. He Googled “Reversing Diabetes”. He came across Cleveland Clinics Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s work on reversing heart disease. He called Dr. Esselstyn and subsequently flew to Cleveland Ohio to visit him. While traveling to Cleveland he came across a book of another physician Dr. Michael Greger, “How Not to Die”. He read it on his trip and was stunned and in disbelief to read/hear evidence that many chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, etc.) are not just preventable but reversible by a whole food plant-based diet without added oils. “The Forks Over Knives Plan” really helped him make a rapid and complete transition to a whole food plant-based diet!

He returned home to Brooklyn and cleared out all the food in his house that would not fit into his new diet of being “Whole Food Plant-Based” (WFPBD) and that this would be his new norm for eating and living.

Food Preparation and Eating In or Out On a Hectic Schedule
President Adams lives a very busy and full job being a very active public official, almost 24/7, so he food preps once a week. He prepares and eats food in his office frequently. He travels a lot and brings a thermal bag to carry his food with him. When eating out he will many times eat before he goes so, he will be full and just have a salad. Or, he will look at side menus and/or create a meal with combinations of salads.  He states, “I have built my life around eating and eating is not built around my life.” He exercises in his office as well.

Rapid and Lasting Health Results
Three weeks after committing 100% to a WFPBD without oil his ophthalmologist was stunned because his vision had totally cleared up; three months later his hemoglobin A1C was at a normal 5.7 (originally A1C was 17, then 13); the neuropathy in his hands, feet and thigh disappeared; his blood pressure and cholesterol normalized; his ulcer was gone and he had lost 35 lbs. President Adams emphasizes this diet as a Whole Food Plant-Based without oil because just eating vegan (no animal products) doesn’t mean you won’t eat processed, unhealthy vegan junk foods.

President Eric Adams Thoughts on First Responders
First responders have a very stressful job as it is without adding the health consequences of a poor diet to their busy lifestyles. First responders shouldn’t be responded to because of their own health crisis. Many officers are on the “Heart Bill” suffering from hardening of the arteries, stents, strokes, premature death and other chronic diseases.

Positive Action in New York City and The Brooklyn Borough
- A plant-based medical clinic is being establish at the oldest hospital in the United States. Bellevue hospital in New York City. Ref: 2
- Meatless Mondays at New York City’s Presbyterian Hospital Ref: 1  2
- Meatless Mondays in New York City schools  Ref:  1  2  3
- Some vegetarian schools in New York City Ref: 1  2  3
- Plant and vegetable growing with new technology in NYC schools Ref: 1

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adam’s Vision for a Healthy Society
Health is not about living forever or necessarily longer. It’s about:
- Grandmothers not getting dementia so they can recognize their grandchildren…
- Individual’s not developing kidney failure from diabetes so they don’t have to spend three hours per day three days per week going to dialysis…
- Not seeing the #1 cause of unnecessary non-traumatic limb amputations from diabetes occur…
- Not seeing the #1 killer heart disease occur with it is mostly a preventable and reversible condition…
- Not seeing yours or a loved one’s life “hijacked” because you have to be constantly dealing with a chronic disease or worry about the next test...
- Knowing you can change your health condition at any age as Eric Adams mother did by reversing her diabetes at the age of 80!

Eric Adams took an oath to “serve and protect" when he was an NYPD officer and that commitment continues today as the President of the Brooklyn Borough. The United States should have healthy families and children and healthcare should not get in way of it.

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