Former Brooklyn Police Officer Reverses His Diabetes and Neuropathy....Fast!

I heard Eric Adams, former police officer and now Brooklyn Borough President, speak this past weekend when I did a "1 Dayer" to the 2nd Annual Preventive Cardiology Conference at Montefiore in the Bronx, NY. While there was some great physicians speakers, Mr. Adams was the best. His dramatic diabetes reversal story along with his passion to help people in general, and especially the people in Brooklyn, and especially, especially, the children of that borough is tremendously inspiring. Read this content and watch this video (5 minutes). Share it with a loved one with diabetes. Then go to my web page of resources for Diabetes Reversal. This is an example of how fast (3 months) and out-of-control diabetic can reverse their disease (and neuropathy) with a whole food plant based diet.

Watch This Powerful 5 Minute Video About Eric Adams: Read This About His Health Journey:

This is one of the most powerful videos and talks I have heard. Share it!

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